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Discussion in 'History' started by etland, Feb 4, 2014.

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  1. have just got my late grandfather's naval records.
    He was at Chatham in the 'Marine Chatham Division'
    There are lots of entries as follows

    Chatham Dn (at drill) 23 August- 29 August 19 1926 Comp drill.

    Then there is a gap of about 9 months and then similar entry (at drill)

    What does 'at drill' mean and where was he during lengthy periods between the short times when he was 'at drill'

    There is no reference to him being on any ship.

    What were 'cuts' On one occasion he is recorded as being awarded 6 cuts?

    Many thanks
  2. "Cuts" is the Naval version of the cane, a common form of corporal punishment back in the day for naughty boys. "At Drill" is a euphemism for punishment for the more senior. It would seem Grandad was a bit of a rebel in his youth :)
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  3. Ha ha, partial to a pint of ale and some fisty cuffs with local ruffian's.

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  4. Seems to fit the profile of many a matelot I've known.....sounds like a decent run ashore.
  5. Amen.

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