At 32 would I be enlisted in time before I reach 36?

Hi all,

this has probably been asked a million times but basically Im 32 (33 Nov) I am only realistically interested in the Aircraft Handler trade.

1) What is the current waiting time for this trade, Ive heard its 3+ years?

2) do you realistically think at my age I would get in the mob in time taking into consideration the lengthy waiting lists?

Ive previously served in the RAF many moons ago as an El Tech but dont really wanna be going down the route of engineering or comms again to repeat similar training/quals etc which is the reason currently Im only interested in being a Chockhead.

Any info at all regarding this will be gratefully appreciated (also prepared for a pinch of banter with the RAF connection)
Welcome to Rum Ration, TS.

Maximum age on entry for Naval Airman (Aircraft Handler) is 36, but includes the day of your 37th birthday, so if you get your skates on, you could possibly do it. I would advise getting down to see the RN CAs as soon as you can, though, you don't have much slippage time. Do you know where the nearest RN CAs are?

Re Engineering, you wouldn't be in the running for that, as candidates for the Engineering Branches must be under the age of 30.
Im gonna pop down to the AFCO tomorrow, I was due today but found it closed and apparently has moved office. I realise I will be cutting it fine but nothing ventured an all that.

Yeah I realised I was too old for engineering trades which isnt a problem as I wanted to avoid that especially.

What are the shortest waiting times just out of interest exluding submariners?

Thanks for the reply and welcome btw!
I havent got it no more, when my Dad passed away last year we never found it in his house (was there for supposedly safe keeping with me working away a lot).

Will have to just give them my service number and send details off to Innsworth or wherever records are kept these days for the RAF.

Will see what they say tomorrow anyway, thanks for the info, hopefully theres enough time left to get in.
:blob4:Shouldn't need to get your skates on POPS to be a chock head, it's undignified for Wafus to run!!!! And appear to be keen!!! Remember you are not a crab now:happycry:
Ah thats ok I had years of practice Scouse at not being keen or particularly fast paced when it came to work. Im sure I'll fit right in again!
whilst being a chock head is an honourable trade, surely you could make AET, no bother, and have time to daydream between lectures!! A pinky in old money would be a dream to far for you MR Z cars lol
Z cars constantly on repeat in my eardrums is probably a good reason my concentration levels are low!

I think Im too old for AET and also as stated before doesnt interest me even though they can be cushy numbers being a techy Ive been there and done that and makes no sense repeating it again.

Chockhead life for me. I just fancy waving all day at them nice shiny planes. Might even get a sun tan in the process. Easy peasy ;)

On a serious note does anyone actually have any waiting times for this trade?

Saying that, judging by comments so far, I'll defo get more sense down the AFCO (although not holding my breath) Cheers Scouse for your wonderful insight, muich appreciated lol

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