Asylum seekers

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Waspie, Jul 19, 2013.

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  1. Can we send ours to the Isle of Wight?

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  2. I thought we already did . . .?
  3. Alright thats a bit harsh, no one deserves that :D
  4. The Ozzies' have got it sorted, asylum seekers are detained while being processed not let out as they are here to disappear forever into the illegal workforce.

    Aye, they could teach our lot a thing or two and no mistake.
  5. Reminds me of something that happened a couple of hundred years ago in a far off distant galaxy, where undesirables were shipped off to penal colonies at the other side of the planet. They were fitted with balls and chains and had clothes with 'arrows' printed on them. I also believe they had the words 'Prisoner of mother England' stamped on the backs of their clothing. Despite their misfortune they were a cheerful lot and would often greet newcomers with the words' G'day mate!'
    Eventually they evolved their settlements into municipal communitites, then federal states and ulimately a country in its own right. They sought to transport their own undesirables back to the 'mother' country from which they came. Consequently we now have Rolf, Kylie and some fat bloke called Jonno who thinks he's a comedian.
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  6. Not wishing to be pedantic Flags but didn't we ship Rolf over to them?

    I don't think it's G'day mate any more, it's more like eff off mate were full.

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  7. Harris is Australian.

    I don't think you quite get the picture you have posted. It is poking fun at the hypocrasy of 'European' Australians who stole the land less than three hundred years ago.

    One other little point, I'm not sure I understand how you think the detention of innocent people can possibly be justified.
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  8. They are perfectly free to **** off home.

  9. Of course I understand the picture Guzzler, do you think I came up the Hoogli on a chapati?

    I was sure Rolf was born in Wembley but hey-ho wrong again.

    There is no doubt in my mind that asylum seekers should be detained until they have been processed, I don't see why you have a problem with that?
  10. Well no, they're not. That's why they're seeking asylum. Why is the very idea of persecuted people trying to improve, or even save, their lives so abhorrent to some people?
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  11. I doubt if the principle of asylum is abhorrent to anyone on this forum but there are the genuine cases and the fraudulent ones and until we find out which category the seeker falls into they should be detained, to do otherwise makes no sense at all.
  12. Maybe somewhere along the line some of those people that leave their beloved countries should stay there and try to make a difference to changing it instead of running away. I'm sure there are plenty of people who are intensely proud of their countries and don't want to see it devoured by wrong-uns.

    I've seen far too many people claim asylum here to then only return to that country to visit family (probably to show off their newly obtained right to remain in the UK) yet that is the country they are supposedly suffering in/seeking asylum from. How bad can it be if they go back?

    For every genuine asylum seeker there's a fair few who aren't. That's the conundrum. Which are genuine and which are taking the p#ss? Until that is question is resolved I'm sure asylum seekers will continue to be detained where possible.
  13. Not a problem with that, Turkey, Greece, the Balkans, Italy, France and Spain are all available by road/a short sea voyage away. Britain is a long sea voyage/flight away. Asylum seekers could be admitted on a pro rata basis from these countries but we are not the clearing house of Europe/World. we are a benevolent country by a lot of standards but this is abused not only by the claimants but by other EU countries who do not abide by the rules of international law.
  14. I thought this was about Australia.
  15. Ditto for them. Malaya/PNG being nearby although not closest if you are talking East Timor
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  16. So these horrible asylum seekers are taking the 'easy option' of what must be a perilous journey across open sea such is their desire to arrive in what appears to be a very uninviting Australia? Perhaps it's desperation? Anyone thought of that?
  17. Obviously not them.
  18. That doesn't make any sense whatsoever. I ask if anyone has thought that they be be desperate, and you reply "Obviously not them".

  19. There appears to be some confusion between asylum seekers and economic migrants. Claiming to be the former while actually being the latter is the classic Trojan Horse ploy. Perhaps a would be terrorist might chose this method of entry to the country to bypass the normal immigration channels. It is every sovereign country's right to hold anyone entering their territory until their bona fides have been established and anyone who believes differently is naïve.

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