Asylum seekers kids

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by kurgen, Aug 7, 2007.

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  1. I have just heard that the new Scottish exec are wanting to give them free uni placements.
    How about looking after our own first!
    Or I'm being racist?
  2. they are NOT asylum seekers, they are DEMAND seekers, they Demand housing , money etc all from the taxpayer, they know their `Uman Rights`and we give all that they ask, A Country built for heroes my arse.
  3. No you are just being British.

    Just one point are these asylum seekers kids or economic migrants kids?
  4. Makes no difference,kick these sponging scum out!!
  5. Come on andym play the white man, you could go to Bulgaria where you would get a nice house, maybe a nice Lada or Trebant, free education for your kids and enough Levs from their social services to buy truckloads of Shopska salata.
  6. There, Ladies and Gentlemen, is the truth.
  7. We need some of these done for the UK and stuck up in Ports and Airports.

  8. SURE DO

  9. Why would we want to put up a map of Oz with fuck off we're full on it at British Ports and Airports? :scratch:
  10. read what i posted Fink!!!!
  11. I did and you said, 'Some of these done for the UK'.
  12. Yes,Done as in a UK version.Dont be so bloody pedantic!
  13. A rather pedantic penguin (no I don't know what actual type, and it doesn't matter anyway) was driving his beautiful 1957 Chevvy down to Mexico.....around Barstow, on the edge of the desert, he was horrified to see his oil pressure light come on, and steam blowing back into the car Had he been overdoing the aircon? Pinfold, (for that was his name) slammed on the brakes for what it was worth, and the Chevvy finally stopped, rocking backward and forwards on its springs, as 1957 Chevvies tend to. Pinfold could hear nothing but the chirrup, chirp chirp of cicadas, and the ticking and hissing of the Chev.

    What to do? Half an hour later, our exhausted Antarctic ami staggers into a small town (Barstow) and locates a garage. He explains his predicament and the owner promises to pick up the car immediately; Pinfold says he will be back in an hour and asks for the nearest soda bar.

    In the soda bar, he gradually gets back to a normal temperature (for a penguin) with the help of lots of iced coke, and several glasses of beautiful ice cream....coke being no problemo for a penguin,(with a straw) ice cream a bit tricky without fingers & opposible thumb. On the hour, he is back in the garage, where he can't see anyone, though his Chevvy is there.....he calls out "Yo! Anyone there?" The garage guy shoots out on his roller board from under a pickup, sees Pinfold and says "Hey man, looks like you've blown a seal!"

    "No!No! Really! I was just eating icecream!!!!!"
  14. Fuck it, lets just round em up, put them in a field and BOMB the barstewards as long as its all done in the best possible taste.....
  15. I saw your knickers when you said that :D
  16. Yeah Andy, but the British Redcoats just marched on a pinched all the indigenous, Aborigine, population's land.

  17. Well they weren't doing anything with it, were they?
  18. Back to the subject about Scotland (sorry); is it because of the falling population of Scotland that they are trying to make the country as future proof as possible? i.e. send as many people (whoever they are) through the Scottish education system hoping they will stay and build the country?
  19. Cupid stunt....he he, how the hell did Kenny get away with that?
  20. I was just thinking the same thing..

    Plenty of outlying islands free though - two of them, both governed by a kiwi lesbian :w00t:

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