Asylum Crisis Looming

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by trelawney126, Apr 29, 2011.

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  1. Buggar
  2. All this knuckle dragging BNP attitude is abhorrent in this day and age. We are all one people and as Andrew Neather announced to the world, the previous Government wanted to introduce new cultures into the UK. And this should be commended.
  3. By no means is everyone who is concerned about a tide of migrants coming to this already overcrowded country is a racist or member of the BNP.Put plain and simple this country is not in a position to keep taking in the world's waifs and strays however humanitarian it would be.
    As for the previous goverments policies on immigration with the you will find very few to agree with your point of view.
  4. [FONT=&quot]I see no good reason why my taxes should be used to fund social migrants, if they don't have a stable job to come to then keep away, we have enough indigenous parasites, scroungers and ne'er-do-wells to contend with as it is.
  5. "All this knuckle dragging BNP attitude is abhorrent in this day and age. We are all one people and as Andrew Neather announced to the world, the previous Government wanted to introduce new cultures into the UK. And this should be commended."

    Just how crowded is Jersey ? Got many Ghetto's? Hows the Sharia law court doing? Oh, and please don't give me crap about foreign waiters and chamber maids.
  6. meanwhile here in EspaƱa, every now and then if the asylem lot get to much in a certain area. The Gardia Civil, National and local Policia round em up give em a nice coach ride down to the southern ports. Put em on a Barrco and send em back to raghead land.
  7. Roofers
    If you have no objection to hoardes of economic migramts coming to our shores perhaps you would not object to paying that part of my tax that the government is stealing from me which supports them.
  8. The way I read it Roofs is against more immigrants, only the second paragraph is his view.
  9. Unless you were born in Jersey or the other Channel Islands you need a licence to live there, so there will be no hordes of immigrants moving to your island then. Also because of the sea and air barriers Guernsey and Jersey would not be in their sights.
  10. Good, I am glad I got the response I was looking for.

    Yes, we (as the British Isles) cannot take any more immigrants. Not too long ago, and I would venture to say only until 5 years ago, that these kind of thoughts and comments would have had you lambasted by the lefty pinky brigade as a racist. We are now 'strong' enough to actually discuss this issue facing our country.

    With 2.3 million unemployed and still further people being allowed in makes me wonder. What has happened to our school system whereby we cannot train our youngsters to fill the available jobs? And by "train" I also include "motivate" in that as well. Something has gone wrong in the education system and I feel that that is not just by chance. More by design. Education, education education was bandied about .. yes, I am sure the Frankfurt School must be very proud. Thank you Lt Cmdr (rtd) Gerrish for bringing up to speed on that.

    I recall when Hague was up against Blair in the General Election and agreed not to campaign on the race\immigration card. Blair must have been wetting his pants, laughing when Hague agreed to this knowing too well what he had in mind which was, thankfully albeit belatedly, revealed by Andrew Neather.

    As an aside, I am not a Channel Islander but emigrated here over 10 years ago. Anyone can come here and a licence is not strictly required. There are jobs here (not very well paid) and you will be restricted as to what kind of accommodation you can live in. Think house\flat share with a person who has housing qualifications or bedsit and you wont go far wrong. You wont be able to live in a flat or house until you have done 11 years here (or is it 10, I can't recall at the moment). Another way of restricting immigration is the rule that you have had to have spent over 5 years here before you can get a better paid job in society here. However, it does look as though the Government here will look at binning the housing qualifications and look at licensing jobs instead. It is rumoured that we have 100,000 people here on a rock that is only 9 miles by 5. Our recent census should help us know when the results are released. So yes, we do have hordes of immigrants here - of which technically, I am one. There are plenty of Scousers down here M_M :). It is becoming a lot easier to spot people who are not a native of the British Isles either. No, we don't have ghettos .... yet ... but we do have a fair bit of dross that has come over from Madeira and Poland who bring their own social ills with them. And with the influx of Eastern Europeans who arrive daily by ferry has helped to keep wages low. These new arrivees do not have any baggage unlike people who have settled here and are struggling to make ends meet due to children and mortgages etc. Jersey has an official unemployment figure of 1300 however, there are plenty more who do not register as there is no dole money as such, so no point. unless of course you are female and have a kid ... nuff said on that subject.
    So life isn't quite so rosy down here either.
  11. I really hope we can mature and begin to discuss immigration without being lambasted as racists, xenophobes or BNP activists but the liberal press and Labour et al won't let that happen.
  12. It is down to this limp liberal government to sort out this particular gravy train, there is no use blaming the press or New Labour.

    The UK has changed beyond all recognition since I was a lad and not for the better, the time to pull up the drawbridge is long overdue.
  13. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Shit me.... you actually believe New labour are innocent of ruining the UK.
    Yes, the present Govt has to sort the problem out but the last Govt has to accept a fair share of the blame for the mess the UK is in.
  14. When the Chunnel was opened perhaps we should have pinched that plaque from Uncle Sam's Statue of Liberty.
    Their use of it ceased a very long time ago.

    <<......"Give me your tired, your poor,

    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

    Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,

    I lift my lamp beside the golden door!".....

    ie Delete "me". Insert "the UK"
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  15. Not at all they were as big a bunch of tossers as the flaccid Tory led coalition that we now have. My point to AD is that they New Labour are not in power now, so stating that the press and New Labour can in some way prevent this government from sorting out this particular immigrant problem is utter tosh.
  16. Hence my mention of Andrew Neather
  17. Haven't the Danes done just that? IIRC they have placed very strong controls on immigration from outside of the EU. Must have saved their Government\people a fortune in not having to give handouts to all and sundry.
  18. I think it's the EU that is the real problem the whole of the UK seems to be awash with foreigners from EU countries, there is no way they can all be working and paying taxes as they always seem to be sitting outside Costa's loudly gobbing off in some foreign tongue.

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