Seems a bit bloody stupid to get the casing all nice and tiddly only to have to cut it off again to put the reactor core in. Or is the after casing on a whopping great big hinge. :smilebox:


Lantern Swinger
its deffintaly in the water. Its not a conspiricy

Yes, it is in the water - i can confirm this too. whether it's 'deffintaly' in the OG1N or whether there is indeed a 'conspiricy' is another matter.. and yes, i too live in B-i-F. Whether the TGs work or not is a different matter...(allegedly)
The submarine is at thirty feet all compartments check for leaks.....fwd staff - conning tower upper lid dryyyyyyyyyyyyy.....actually the conning tower upper lid is still above the waterline - but what the hell - shut two clips two pins........................

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