Discussion in 'Submariners' started by angry_mac, May 8, 2007.

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    Well nice propaganda, had a look around it last year in build and was quite impressed in how it was being built. But if its anything like the T45 program Im disinclined to believe all the technological hype. Although the new arrays and sonar techniques sound v impressive when the BAE guy was showing us around
  2. I used some offshore supply boats in Australia from a company called Far Offshore. All the boats had names like Far Supplier, Far Hauler and one had the really unfortunate name of Far Tracer. Is the name of this submarine pronounced Ass Toot ??? :roll:

  3. The first 3 boats are Astute, Ambush and Artful.
    There may well be another 3. I suggest Almost, Azcaban, and Alcatraz (the last 2 being crewed by prisoners because we have no submariners left). Any other suggestions
  4. Virginia vs Astute....interesting idea! A few interesting exercises in Bermuda to look forward to!

    Despite the different boats, the UK crew will always be the better. After all, how many UK COs go to get their ticket on the US Perisher?
  5. HMS ARGOS (Because that's where they'll have to get spare parts to rectify opdefs)

    HMS ALONGSIDE (Store Robbing the ARGOS while she waits for spares)

    HMS ALLIANCE & LEICESTER (New idea, boats will be mortgaged and if the crew don't keep up the payments, they will be repossessed and sold on as cheap accommodation for migrant fruit pickers in Cornwall) :twisted:
  6. I always find it fascinating on these occasions when as soon as something new and British (OK over budget and late) is published, out spring details of some American kit that is/goes/does deeper, faster, longer, heavier, bigger, harder, quieter, cheaper! I recall the North American Rockwell XB 70 ( ) being shown to the World. All my school chums/fellow inmates immediately gobbed of about how rubbish Vulcan 2s were in comparison. Isn't history interesting. If we get the support package right, ASTUTE looks like a boat to keep us at the forefront for some decades; unless its evolution is starved of cash.

    Bergen Of course, there never was a Naval version of the Ta 152.
  7. MIGHT (I hope) be wrong there NAFKF, Asute is reportedly going to have a submerged speed of 29+ knots (officailly - unofficially maybe 32+) while the NSSN is 25+
  8. In reality max spead is not the key thing, rather how fast can you go and not make to much noise.
  9. think i read somewhere that the fourth boat will be Audacious
  10. That would be most excellent.

    Or would that be HMS Bodacious? :D
  11. The most important thing is how much noise you don’t make. Too much speed (even if you’re relatively quite) will stop your sonar from working effectively. The old “O†boats were effective because when they weren’t snorting they were very, very quiet: Their submerged top speed was c-rap and only sustainable for a very limited time.
  12. Looks nice, any chance we can trade up...give you guy's the Upholder/Victoria class boats back for one of those... :D

    Speaking of US boats, we ripped two brand spanking new LA class out of Norfolk in 79 with just our little 1965 O Boat disguised as a Foxtrot.....course 14 kts with a stern sea helped out...

    Final score Canada 10 the US 1, and the only reason they got us was SOSUS, we sort of drifted while snorting and some eagle eyed snot caught us and passed the info on.

    We even had an American ref on board, after the 5th attack they wouldn't respond to our UWT call signs.....sounded like locomotives on steroids coming through the water, our skipper had a fun time...

    Diesel's may have been slow, but if you (the other boat) didn't see us coming , speed didn't matter...... 8)
  13. Yup. A previous skipper used to really p*ss off “the enemy†by playing “We are the Champions†on the under water telephone.
  14. I saw a dit that was issued and then withdrawn from the naming comittee that ran along the lines of Anson, Agamemnon and Audacious - all named after WW1 battleships : one got sunk by a mine early on in the war, another never fired a shot at the enemy and one that managed to shoot down a Zeppelin, but was first through the Dardanelles after the Armistice. Inspired choices. :roll:
  15. I can't remember the details but I think I read that the sonars etc are similar to those being fitted to the refitted trafs, therefore there isn't such a great risk in new technology. Likewise, a lot of the ME technology on the CVF is based on that going into the Type 45s.
  16. From the BBC article: "However it's a nuclear submarine, and lots of things can go wrong."

    Not the best quote to make about a nuclear boat!!! Especially by the builder!!
  17. Almost everything new is based on an earlier technology, the Gas Turbines in the 45 are based on the technology of the engines from the Meteor, but the performance is much much better, the same can be said of many things. In fact incremental improvements are usually better than great leaps of faith in real new technology, fewer slips between cup and lip.

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