Astute Galley passes the Celeb Chef test.

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by BillyNoMates, Feb 23, 2008.

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  1. Wow...can't wait for the celebrity analysist to do his stuff in the Sound Room or the celebrity reactor panel operator to demonstrate his ability to attempt a fast recovery. Or the celebrity WEA to welly a malfunctioning fire control computer to get a FCS out of it!
    AHH! one tiny problem, these are highly classified events and beyond the ken of yer average civvy. Back to the galley those food warmers go!
  2. Contributor Mode

    I suppose on the Ambush the scran will come in little piles with suitably colour co-ordinated squiggles of some strange sauce flicked around the plate. Loads of Haute Cuisine.

    Dinger Bell, what chance now of you cooking again?
  3. This is not news. This isn't even new non-news. This is a year old non-news item. And who the fork&knife is James Martin?

    One thing I did find myself agreeing with was this:

    Yeah, mostly poor. :nemo:
  4. Who the hell is James Martin? He's clearly not a proper chef if he's not foisting some nutritional or political agenda onto us at every media opportunity.

    Probably a branch manager at my local KFC...
  5. James Martin was the sous chef under Anthony Worrel-Thompson at the Hotel du Vin in Winchester, a superior dining establishment. Before taking over as Chef de la Cuisine. :dwarf:

  6. Not sure about James....but has he a Bro.....Doc?

    How can he be a chef if he didn't train at Pembroke.........oops that gives away my age.
  7. It is Doc MARTEN......James Martin shot a scrote burglar and was locked up for his trouble. :rendeer:
  8. Why stop there? Lets have other "celebs" doing the job!
    Ex Frozen Fish-finger Warrior "Cap'n Birdseye" to take
    HMS ASTUTE out of dock for its first batch of Sea Trials.

  9. Actually that was Tony Martin who shot the untermench x.x

    (runs for cover)

  10. Bet the Part 3 reject couldn't hack it on a O boat in a force 6!! Alright cooking pancakes for 5 in a galley alongside but try doing it for 75 at sea!
  11. Though I am not a connoisseur of Haute Cuisine I have to admit that the scran on the As and P boats I was on was usually v good. Especially the Heinz Treacle Duff, Potmess, Tram smash, Sh*t on a raft, Cheesy Eggy Hammy, Chinky Wedding Cake etc. makes the mouth water, dont it just.
  12. nice to know someone appreciated our efforts yorkie!!!!! like to see them twats in a n old T boat galley, Biscay,passage routine,storm ten on the fcuckin beam, pot mess????!!!! fcukin everywhere. Bacon butties anyone?


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