Astute CO relieved of Command

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by trelawney126, Nov 27, 2010.

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  1. Apparently he is being relieved by a "well grounded" replacement:D
  2. "The naval chief in charge of a nuclear-powered submarine which ran aground off the Isle of Skye has been relieved of his command."

    Chief? Where were all the Officers?
  3. Probably on the Isle of Skye doing the Talisker Distillery Tour. 8O
  4. I saw on the news he's being relocated pending an enquiry to see if he should get the sack.
  5. I suppose the sack could mean driving a desk in the MOD.
  6. It seems an odd way to deal with the matter?

    Is it not usual to have a Courts Martial and then a resolution?
  7. If the writing is on the wall............
  8. Being appointed skipper of the first of class makes you wonder if he was initially destined for greater things.
  9. It could always be that other sack, Yo Ho Fekin Ho.
  10. Defence cuts, miss out the middleman.
  11. Too late. That Boat was decommisioned long ago. :D
  12. :laughing3: :laughing3: :laughing3: :laughing3: :laughing3:
  13. Think the wording is ----" did Hazard his Ship ""

    Its a wonder s few more haven't left aswell--Navigator and OOW are usually the prime suspects .

    The price of Admiralty

  14. Wits,

    You shouldn't have deep-fried it!
  15. What about the captain of the "rescue" tug ?

  16. Too many people involved and not knowing the exact sequence of events/ curcumstances it not possible to pass informed comment.

    If you wernt there :? and even if you were you may not have the whole picture. I didnt when it happened to me. :oops:
  17. Commanding Officers have been "relieved of their Command" in the past without any Court Martial. Its called "adminstrative action". Happens to XOs too, in fact anyone onboard who doesnt cut the mustard can be moved on by admin action. As far as the CO of ASTUTE is concerned - I suspect there must have been other problems with his performance as well as the grounding to justify his removal.

  18. Thanks

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