Hey guys

I have just been to the doctors because i have had a cough and sore throat for about a month that just wont budge, and ha thinks it could be the start of very mild asthma. He said he would wait and see my recordings of my air flow meter thingy which he gave me.
My question is what should i do? should i just tell the AFCO of wait and see if the doc was wrong? i personally think i just have a viral or a cold.

Cheers guys i am bricking it as i have completed my RT,Medical and eye test so far, and joining the Royal Navy has been my dream for years.
You sound like you have what i had!
Mine lasted from new year til last weekend! im finally symptom free!
If i so much as moved fast i were coughing like hell!
It was actually a chest infection... 2 lots of antibiotics later and im champion haha!


Lots of threads on this topic - I know as I have answered all of them.

Common to have a bit of inflammation after a viral infection which requires asthma-style medication to treat. Not asthma per se, but asthma-like.

Irrespective, if you develop it then it is more likely than not that you will continue to develop it after every viral upper respiratory tract infection - 1-2 times a year on average. This is an issue.

I would have thought that as long as, once the period on medication is over, you can complete a normal peak flow diary (ask the asthma nurse you will be about to see) then you should be ok but you may find your entry date pushed right a bit.

I cannot emphasise enough - don't ignore the advice of your doctor. I know we live in a society now where everyone's opinion counts, but when it comes to medical matters (and with respect) you don't know anything about it so you would be wise to go by what you have been prescribed. It is likely that you will only need to use the inhalers for a short period of time - 2-3 weeks usually. Once that is over, get a diary done for a month and if that is ok then I think you should be fine. Not my decision obviously - down to the AFCO ME.

Oh, and you need to tell your AFCO. If we find out that you haven't told us, then you'll be out of RALEIGH well before you pass out.

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