Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by sasheo, Aug 26, 2008.

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  1. Asthma again but slightly different?

    Hello all,

    Im a third year medical student wishing to join the navy on the cadet program. I have bee scouring these forums and the RN site to find out as much as I can about the asthma issue.
    I have read the info that says any treatment within the last 4 years bar's entry.
    I had 'childhood asthma" and had not received treatment for over 10 years until last year when, my dusty student room was making me sneeze and wheeze in the mornings and I got some inhalers from the GP. As you can imagine I have been cursing the day I did that for a while now.
    In any case I was wondering if any of you knew if being prescribed the salbutamol and beclomethasone is automatic bar without any other considerations, i.e. I dont get wheeze or any other asthma symptoms during exercise and my peak flow is normally 750 - 770, and had only dipped to 720 on the day I got the inhalers. (Im 23 and have a BMI of 25 - in case any medics are looking at my peak flows). I did alot of scuba diving and still do some now which I think has helped my peak flow.

    Anyhoo, I appreciate any help or advice you can give on the issue and hope you have some favorable news.

  2. Re: Asthma again but slightly different?

    they could make you do a peak flow reading for a month. on the other hand they could just say no and wait till your 4 years clear or treatment.

    or you could be naughty and tell a few porkies on your medical questionnaire but im sure they would find out eventually.
  3. Re: Asthma again but slightly different?

    The best thing you could really do is contact your Local AFCO or Officers Careers Liaison Centre. Give them the details and get them to ask their AFCO Medical Examiner for their opinion.

    The official line is any Asthma symptoms or asthma medication within the last 4 years bars you from entry. However it will depend why it was issued and wheter you used it?

    Hope this helps

    Neil -Supermario

  4. Re: Asthma again but slightly different?

    You dipped to 720 and got an inhaler? Bloody hell. I would not have been so nice!

    I think RMAET is probably close to the mark - do a peakflow diary yourself for a week and use it as evidence there is bugger all wrong with you.

    Childhood asthma, as I'm sure you are aware, is not asthma - more a wheezing diathesis which rarely progresses into adult asthma (aka proper asthma). 90% (-ish) of kids who use inhalers don't need them after 11 years of age.

    Your "flare-up" (if you even call it that) probably didn't merit treatment, and I wouldn't use that as evidence you have asthma. Any doctor worth his/her salt would agree.

    Don't worry about it.
  5. Re: Asthma again but slightly different?

    I was in a similar situation and had to record my peak flow for a month, this then got sent to the Navy doctor and within the week I was cleared.

    I had childhood asthma and got my doctor to write his own little statement clearing me of any symptoms, I think this would be a good idea for you to do as it will add credability to any claims you have that you do not suffer from asthma.

    Like angrydoc said im sure you will be fine. Just keep on top of things and stay on at your doc, the AFCO and the navy doc's every day, there is no harm in trying to hurry things along, I did.
  6. Re: navy news

    You can pick up on the navy news from that site at anytime
  7. Help!! "Athsma" possibly blocking my entry!!

    First off, hi to every1, I'm scott :)

    Heres my problem:

    I'v tried to join the royal navy as a sea specialist, but after sitting my recruiting test, was told I had scored high enough to join as my second choice, an AET, so I jumped at it (having always had in interest in aviation).
    I was then invited back to have and interview, which i passed with flying colours :) I was then led in for my medical, good I thought as im a fit young guy. Everything went well until the doc asked if I had suffered from athsma at all, so I told him I had years ago. He then gave me a slip for my doctor to fill in with the relevant dates, now heres the pickle:-

    You need to be 4 years clear of athsma to join the military, My last prescription for active sympoms is more than four years ago so im good with that. But I had a repeat prescripton 2 years ago wich i didn't need (my mum got it as a spare). The navy say they need proof that I didn't use it but I can't get proof as, to get a repeat prescription, you don't even have to talk to a doctor.

    The way it stands I think I'm going to have to wait 2 years to get in, which is ages, so if any1 could help, I'd be more than grateful :)
  8. Re: Help!! "Athsma" possibly blocking my entry!!

    Did you pick up the prescription at the chemist or just get a slip so you could if you wanted to?
  9. Re: Help!! "Athsma" possibly blocking my entry!!

    Eh, yeah, I think my mum got it for me as a spare (i didn't need 1 and the one i had was out of date, so she just got me a spare), would not getting it from the chemist help?
  10. Re: Help!! "Athsma" possibly blocking my entry!!

    Not collecting from the chemist wouldn't help - as far as the GP computer is concerned you have been prescribed the inhaler.

    I would suggest seeing your GP and having a chat. He may be happy so say that your symptoms have been clear for ages, despite the prescription 2 years ago. However, I'd be failing in my advice if I didn't warn you that there is a change the RN just says no. I think you have to realise the rules are the rules and the default position is to wait for 4 years. If you get passed now, then you are the exception and not the rule!

    Good luck.

  11. Ok, thanks man, I'll just have to wait and see, cheers anyways :)
  12. I know this doesnt really count as being in this thread, but I was fined 30 quid by the cops for not wearing a seatbelt, foned the careers to tell them and the guys gonna fone me on monday (cause he wasn't in), is this gonna be a problem?
  13. You're right it doesn't count on this thread.

    If he phones you back and you're not in it might be.
  14. Was that because you were using an inhaler at the time?

    I can't imagine that a FPN (civil case. not a crime) is going to worry them one bit. Have you also owned up to any parking tickets?
  15. Thanks for the help :roll:

    Was just a quick question

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