Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by midwife41, Oct 27, 2008.

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  1. Hi I am new to this site and have spent several days trawling through the topics! Some very valuable advice! However sorry to harp on but my daughter is looking at going to Welbeck college. We visited the careers office and were asked the old asthma question - my daughter will be free of mild childhood Asthma in March 2009. My question is do we wait until March 2009 or could we put in an application before as when starting at Welbeck (providing she gets in ) she will be well past 4 years clear of Asthma. The officer advised us to begin proceeding with the application but surely it will be binned when the Asthma box is ticked! Any advice appreciated.
  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Hi welcome to the site & good to hear you have found it useful so far.

    'Angrydoc' is probably the best person to give definitive advice on this one, however pending a qualified answer, I'd suggest that the Area Careers Liaison Officer (ACLO) is correct in advising you to proceed. The ACLOs & careers advisers are not permitted to make point-blank categoric advice with regard medical suitability for service, so we cannot say with absolute certainty what the Medical Examiner will state.

    As you are aware, quite simply, the candidate need to be 4 years clear of asthma, asthma wheeze or the medical treatment for asthma of that there is no denying.

    However, if your doctor erroneously prescribed an asthma treatment for someone that he/she knew didn't have asthma, then all he/she need do is give written confirmation that they had given you the wrong treatment for your condition or that they believe the candidate no longer suffers from asthma.

    If there is then any element of doubt, the candidate will most likely be medically deferred whilst a 4 week peak-flow meter test is undertaken & the readings recorded to affirm the misdiagnosis and confirm there is a consistently high peak flow reading, thus enabling the Medical Examiner to decide upon their fitness for service given the evidence provided.

    Taking it a step further, you could pre-empt the deferral & request your GP provide a month's worth of peak flow test readings prior to applying, thus arriving with the evidence to support the claim from the outset.

    Good luck.
  3. I'm not sure about the specific medical requirements of Welbeck College, but I would imagine the issue you raise is quite common.

    I wouldn't block an application based on the information available and my advice would be in line with that of the AFCO: apply (with full disclosure, obviously) but, as Ninja has advised, be prepared to fill in a peak flow diary.

    Good luck.
  4. Wellbeck. Wiered place, my uncle was a chef there early 60`s and I stayed there . The flat had no windows and there was an under ground cobbled street with a small kiosk where you could get sweets. Cannot remember much more, I was only 4 ish. sorry Im no help with your question.
  5. Hi, thanks very much for all your advice! It is difficult to advise a daughter on her choice of career. However this site has given me loads of information as well as reassurance. Thanks guys
  6. Crumbs, that must be a first!
  7. Hi, all just to let you know how my daughter's application is going. AFCO told me to put in application which would be rejected as Welbeck students have the same medical criteria as RN. The MOD, however, disagree and have stated that as long as she is free of Asthma for 4 years by the time she finishes Welbeck it should not pose a problem! This obviously gives me a problem as which one is correct? Anyway have taken all your advice - have started peak flow readings and am evidencing her fitness and low sickness record. I suppose at some point I shall find out who is correct! Any bets! Thanks once again to allx
  8. Hey guys/ladies. I used to have asthma when i was like a little kid (Still act like 1). I have seen about this peak flow thing, what do you do with it? Like how do you do a diary, as i think i may do a diary so i can get through the medical without waiting a few weeks.

    Many Thanks,
  9. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Not sure who you mean by the MoD, but the Medical Examiner at the AFCO is the person which says 'yes' or 'no' for all those undergoing their medical examination for Officers & Other Ranks joining the service directly.

    Possibly you daughter's case will be referred to the Senior Medical Officer (Service Entries) for a definitive answer with regard those joining several years from now.

    Conversely the fact that someone is not 4 years clear of using an inhaler or free from asthma symptoms does not mean they will be in two years time. My gut feeling, in financial terms, is that someone somewhere has to take a risk if they intend taking her on in the hope she only suffered from childhood asthma which may be cured whilst in sixth form. (That's why Doctors get paid a lot more than me).

    Read the second post on this thread.
  10. [/quote]

    Read the second post on this thread.[/quote]

    I seen that. I just wanna know how do you record it? you can write anything down and lie. I may be wrong thats why im asking how do you do a diary? im gonna go and buy 1 me thinks.

    Many Thanks,
  11. you can write down anything if you like, however a doctor (which you are not) will spot the bullshit when you do another peak flow at the medical prior to joining.
  12. Luke

    Why do you want to do a peak flow diary?
  13. So whats the point of me buying one if it dont prove anything? I got told to get one for when i go for a medical, to show the results of my peak flow thing. If i done that i got told, i would not have to wait to do it at the time.

    So who do i listen to? everyone says different crap. I trust ninja words. Im just saying when i go to the AFCO they say to do it, i go again someone else says do something else. I get told go do different things each time i go to the AFCO.

    Many thanks,
  14. I used to have asthma like 8 years ago.
  15. Thanks, is the site safe? how comes anyone can get them for free? I would of thought some people will just order for the fun of it, like kids etc.

    EDIT: Sorry i thought it was a peak flow thing itself, but its a diary. Still helps, it also helps when i read it.

    Many Thanks,
  16. Of course it's a safe website, I wouldn't suggest it otherwise. It's the website for a big charity for people who suffer from asthma.

    The peak flow diaries are probably free from them because they cost very little to produce, they are useful for the people who access the site and because they know that no-one sane would ever try to get one from them just for amusement.
  17. chico, I wasn't suggesting it was pointless, if you fill the diary in honestly there's going to be no bullshit for the doctor to see! if you fudge the figures a bit to make yourself look better though, you'll get found out.

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