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I have mild childhood asthma and been clear of prescription inhalers for 4 years. 2014 I was given a precautionary inhaler by the nurse for a chest infection. My GP has confirmed there was no wheezing and this inhaler should be ok as its gone down on my record as non asthma related. What are the realistic chances of this being accepted.

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Your GP should definitely not remove it from your records if it happened, that would be fraud.

If the inhaler was prescribed for an upper respiratory tract illness and the signs & symptoms of asthma were present, it's a bit difficult to claim an inhaler was not required - particularly if you have a prolonged prior history of asthma unfortunately.

Hopefully @nemesis1066 can give you a few pointers. Whilst of little consolation, this is a very common occurrence and many people with a previous history of asthma will recount virtually identical circumstances.

Best of luck.

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