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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by pira805, Aug 8, 2009.

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  1. I appreciate any help that can be offered! Ive just turned 24 and am keen to join as an RN Officer. However i suffered very mild asthma from the age of 14. Over the last year I havent had to use an inhaler once which for me is brilliant as ive done more physical exercise over this year (rugby union for university XV, cross country) and not felt wheezing etc.

    Ive read the policy that you must not suffer asthma at all or be clear for four years, however does anyone have any different experience to the official policy stated?
  3. Hi There
    Unfortunatley no, because you have to be 4 years clear, this is the same with all forces, full and reserves, however if you have not used your inhalor within the 4 years and have not been to the docs about it, then you will have a good chance of getting in, best bet is to talk to your AFCO
  4. I'd reccomend these threads, the 1st and 3rd in particular:

    From the 3rd:
    My mate had a wheeze from a chest infection and asked the AFCO to make some calls. You could do the same.
  5. Thanks alot scarface, much appreciated. I just wanted to get an idea on the forums before I contact an AFCO. However I really doubt that I will get the type of news im hoping for! It's a shame as I know my asthma has always been very mild at the worst, ive never had a serious episode despite playing rugby at a high level.

    Thanks again for your advice!
  6. Thanks for the links Dr Zoidberg, they really clarified the RN's position
  7. Dr Zoidberg's "my mates did this" comments are almost correct- how about an answer from an actual doctor, in the RN.

    The guidelines state symptom and treatment free for 4 years. That means no wheezing at all, even with chest infections, and no inhaler or steroid use. To prove this you can use a peak flow diary- chart your peak flow over a month to show a (hopefully positive) trend.

    You will do a peak flow as part of the medical- if you "pass" it then further lung function tests will be required.

    This isn't us being arse-y, but it is no exaggeration to say that young people die of asthma (I've seen 2 deaths), and the last thing we want is a severe attack in the middle of the oggin outside helicopter range.

    Sorry if this is bad news- but the position should be clarified.

    Dr Zoidberg- stick to comments in this forum please. Your advice is not 100% correct and you may end up misleading people. Yellow Card.
  8. Thanks doc, I was hoping that you would respond to my enquiry. I guess I can either wait three years to meet the 4 year period and im sure the motivation will remain as it is, however i'll be 27 and the chances of officer training at that age (i presume) is slim and life may throw up other opportunities!

    Thanks again for the help though.

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