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Hi all. Just passed my medical...kind of. Because I had Asthma as a kid, I have to complete a peak-flow diary for a month, so TMU until I complete that. The question I have though is that I was given a form at the medical for my GP to fill in, to say that I've been symptom and treatment free for at least 4 years. I've not got any qualms about this, it's no problem. But one of the questions relates to oral steroids for Asthma. I'm presuming this isn't steroid inhalers, but rather steroid tablets. It asks if I've taken them since the age of five. I had to take them when I was 12, but I ended up never using them (suitcase they were in was lost at airport). Will the fact that I was prescribed them 10 years ago be any sort of problem to entry, or do they fall under the ''4 years treatment-free'' scenario? I only ask because I gather steroids are stronger than normal Asthma medicines.

Sorry for the long winded approach. Appreciate any advice/help :)
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Cheers mate. Here's hoping that all and any Asthma treatments are covered in the four year rule. Got 750 in my peak flow, never had any symptom for ten years, and that's with taking part in competitive Athletics in that time. Would be a bloody shame for a treatment ten years ago to stop me progressing!


Just make sure you do the peak flow diary, as long is that is done and to a high standard you should have no issues. I got caught out by not being made to do a diary and the start date got postponned. But if diary goes well and you are 5 years clear (which is what i got told i had to be) you should be declared alright. But thats just how i have been processed, so by no means take it as gospel truth!

All the best!


Thanks mate, appreciate the input. Like I say; it's been ten years since I even had any treatment or even a wheeze. Even then it was really mild. Here's hoping!


Sounds like you had childhood asthma.

Oral steroids means prednisolone tablets. You were prescribed them so obviously someone thought you needed them - whether or not you took them is immaterial. Declare it, but it won't cause problems so chill.


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