Asthma chances need advice

Hi all, I'm new to this forum

I have a query about asthma and am seeking some medical advice as I have my medical next week so any feedback is appreciated. I also appreciate there are tonnes of questions asked regarding the issue.

I have a history of asthma and was diagnosed at the age of 10 or 11 (in school yr 6) as I had a chest infection. I was prescribed a blue inhaler and some antibiotics to get rid of it. I've been back to the doctors a few times for other minor chest infections since and have then been prescribed a brown inhaler and 1 course of tablet steroids in the past. I've never had an asthma attack or anything near. Ive been clear for over 4 years.

Ive read somewhere that a history of steroids past the age of 5 can be a bar to entry. Is this true? What are my chaces?

Many thanks :)
Update: Had medical all went well and was given a 28 day peak flow diary to complete. The medical examiner didn't think there was much wrong with me *touch wood* as I can comfortably hit 600 on the peak flow. Been TMU for 2 months so more waiting around :( . However as long as 4 years clear of symptoms and treatment I can still join :) Nothing I didn't know already but fingers crossed for the coming months.


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Fingers crossed, all goes as you would wish. Suffice to say, however, steroidal treatment for asthma can be a show-stopper, depending on individual circumstances.

The trouble with chest infections severe enough to require a trip to the GP, cause asthma symptoms (wheeze) and require steroidal asthma treatment, is they cannot easily be viewed as unrelated if the individual has a history of asthma.

Best of luck.
With the peak flow dairy its a +/- of 20% when i done mine last time around thats what i got told at my second medical. Good luck pal. Ive got my medical saturday as ive now reapplied.

Cheers for response @Ninja_Stoker. I don't suppose you know where they draw the line with regards to entry if the applicant has had previous steroidal treatment? Ultimately is it down to the medical examiner to decide?

With you dairy if you lowest score is say 550 then your highest score cant be more then +20% so 660. If your lowest is 600 then you highest cant be more then 720 and so on.
I do ashma rehab as a job now and i the rules are +/-20% means mild ashma. Doesnt matter if you can blow 900s if there is a 1 low one or one really high one it means ashma symptoms. Which i find hard to beleive and ive worked in it for years

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