Asthma and the Fleet Air Arm (Help!)

Evening Guys, wondering whether you can help me (again!) I know that you have had absolutely loads of questions about this and believe me I've read them all, both here and on Pprune, but I'm in a slightly different predicament.

Basically, I'm 15 (16 in May) and what's happened is that I've started my application for the Navy 6th Form Scholarship (and therefore Aircrew indirectly), with my eventual aim being a Naval Pilot. The problem is that when I was 2 I as diagnosed with Asthma due to be becoming ill on the Plane ride home from Barbados with a nasty chest infection. So I was given an Inhaler, told I have Asthma and that was that. I've never had any symptoms and the only time I've taken my inhaler was every now and again when my School told me to take it when on school trips (in Years 3-5) because they had to. I've have never had an Asthma attack, and my last prescription of an inhaler was 2009. In 2011, my Asthma nurse, finding out of my eventual ambitions told me only to use it when necessary and as long as there were no problems, she could take me off the active Asthma register; which she did the following year (2012).

So now, the time came to send in my application forms, which I have and I'm able to truthfully say I'm eligible for the '4 year rule', but as I've read with past posts, this rule seems to be a bit of a grey area for Pilots, with some being able to just get through based on this rule and others facing bars just because of having an inhaler. On one of the threads on here I read that if you do manage to get through to a certain stage they will do a Lung Function test using a Spiro meter, so I though of the idea of possibly getting this test done before even my first official interview or medical, using it as some evidence to back up my claims that I truly am Asthma-free, since it's going to be pretty difficult to argue against a medical history. So I enquired about going private (which is extortionately priced!) But then, on of the C.Is at Cadets who is a main Sister at Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital said that she could arrange one for me with a Referral from a Doctor. The problem is that the Doctor I have talked to is new and said that he can't refer me for a number of reasons (Not in writing, uncertainty etc.) So, at last, here is my question. Should I not bother with this and just leave it at that, or should I carry on with the Lung Function idea for some evidence. The thing is, I obviously will do anything to get this role and I don't want the reason I fail to be some potentially misdiagnosed ghost illness. If I'm going to apply for this, I want to give myself to best chance I get and give it my best shot.

Thank you for reading until the end and sorry for the looong message but as usual, any help or advice about any aspect of this would be greatly appreciated!


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Again it's one of those best answered by a qualified individual rather than anecdotally. The rules are certainly more stringent for aircrew due to 'lung scarring' I believe, whatever that may be.

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Ninja_Stoker Thanks for the advice, I heard lung scarring is a pretty big thing and something that is a big risk.

AngryDoc Thanks for the input, I understand what you mean about the NHS, I just wanted to cover all my aspects and give myself the best standing. Since you obviously have a good knowledge about these types of situations, I don't know whether you could give me any idea of how successful applications with similar problems have mine have been? How likely is it that my application will be succsessful, is my case to severe or does it stand a good chance?
Thanks once again from the both of you!
Ok then, thanks. That's given me a lot more confidence in my application! Hopefully the only thing I have to worry about is my mental maths now!

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