Asthma and aircraft technicians


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I've had a good look around this forum and there's tons of stuff on asthma and the recruitment side of it but I have never found anything relating to my situation really. I'm 16 now and have had very minor asthma all my life that is only effected by sudden, high intensity exercise. It's never been that bad (can breathe fine just wheezy noises except when I take a quick puff)but I've always had a pump prescription (ventolin) just in case plus I've never had any asthma attacks. I'm growing out of it now, and aim to join as a technician with the fleet air arm at 18 and was wondering what people would think my chances are of getting barred from entry from this?

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There are a list of conditions that "make a person permanently unsuitable, except where specifically time limited, for entry into the Naval Service"

"Respiratory Disorders. Asthma, wheeze or asthma related symptoms or treatment within the past four years or requiring more than one course of oral steroids / nebulisation / hospital admission since the age of five years" is unfortunately included on that list. You would need to be 4 years completely symptom and treatment (e.g. inhaler) free to get in.

(From the Eligibility and Guidance notes:

Are you currently at college?

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