Assistance for info on an old salt, (my father).


Having just joined this network and after reading through some threads, I am optimistic that the accumulated knowledge bank here can help me in my quest to find info on my late father.

His name was Leslie Hubert Holden and he served in the war time navy from 1939 to 1947 ish as a cook on surface ships, escorts I think ending as a chief cook. I used to have his naval records so I remember a little until they were stolen by an estranged family member along with his medals.

I am ex navy myself and I thought myself quite knowledgeable on naval matters so I must be able to find out some info; my first mistake! I have tried doing the limited free searches available on the ancestry sites, my second mistake, but none of then have come up with even a hit on his name which I would have thought was quite unique. So I am reluctant to pay for their service on the off chance that they have something.

Can anyone please direct me to an archives that may be able to help? Government/RN/Historical whatever so that I can start to get some info as I would like to pass it on to my son, maybe future navy??????

Many thanks.


War Hero
You're welcome.

PS Just to add that the publically available Service Records for Ratings which you would have found on the National Archive site and various genealogy sites are only for the period pre 1924; all Rating Service Records after that point have to be sourced via the MoD. This will be why you have had no luck in those areas.
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