Assistance and/or advice required

Hi folks. I'm a member of the Boinc community (Distributed Computing to aid science & related research). For the past month one of our regular & well liked members has been missing from the forums.

We have recently been informed that he has suffered a major stroke & is paralysed down one side. He is currently residing n the UAE & there is a problem with returning him to the UK (Money, as usual in these cases).

2 of our cyber colleagues are in contact with the British Consulate in the UAE & as this colleague served in the Navy & I believe served the full 22 years, I was wondering, is it possible for the S.S.S.A or other Forces Associations to assist or advise with returning this man home?

Any advice would be most welcome as at the moment there are many on the forum worried about him.
Thanks for all your help guys. With the help of the RNBT & RBL & Manchester Royal Infirmary, "Whiskey" will be home on Monday.

With the help of the Boinc community, a wheelchair & flight home was raised in time.

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