Assigned to your submarine?

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by waveyourflag, Jul 2, 2010.

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  1. if you join as a submariner are you assigned to a certain submarine for the rest of your career? because i dont want to be stuck on a nuke submarine where i would never port :p

    sorry if this is too newbish
  2. no i dont mind being on a nuclear submarine, i was just wondering whether you can serve on both
  3. How bizarre.

    Is he looking for a clockwork one?
  4. Very good :)
  5. Do you remember the little plastic ones that you used to put a slither of soap in?
  6. i ment nuclear as in nuclear warheads :p
  7. Its been all Nucs since 92? Drafts were 12/18 months first sea draft 24months+ for second in 21years 11 months on boats only half was sea going, and onlly a quarter of that at sea, the rest inboard ie stone frigates
  8. i ment either attack submarines or the trident/ballistic ones..
  9. I've got one of those, but she's about 5' 6" so not little really.
  10. Yeah had one of those as well. Used to go down well in the bath. but dosen't seem to work now days.
  11. One and only sensible answer to thread.

    Once you've qualified as a submariner you can serve on either bombers (nuclear powered and armed but no runs ashore) or SSN's (nuclear powered, conventionally armed and a few runs ashore).

    You will be streamed and trained for one or the other but, as I said, once qualified as a submariner you can switch types if drafty will let you. Once you join a boat you'll find a lot of the ships company have served on both types of boat.

    Before you ask the last conventional boat in the RN was HMS Unicorn which paid off in 1994 so unless you emigrate, nuke is what you'll get.

    "Pedant mode on" Septics call their SSN's attack boats, we call them fleet boats or SSN's, the press call them hunter/killers or if your a Scum reader "atom death boats". Septics call their Trident boats Boomers, we call them bombers."pedant mode off"

    Edited to add good point Polto made so I've put it in bold
  12. Carefully note first use of the word 'if' in the above post...
  13. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Not strictly true lads about Nuc Boats only, he could get drafted as a guide on the Alliance.
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  14. Assigned??? What happened to being Drafted to a Ship/Boat?

    Rather reminds me of when I was a Prison Officer and my Senior Officer went away on a management course, when he came back, we were no longer "Detailed" off for a job, we were "Utilised within a scenario"
  15. JPA happened. No draft orders anymore assignment orders instead.
  16. if you get a bomber (or any boat)..expect to be assigned to that particular boat (or class) for at least 4 years....

    yes, it sucks ass but that is how it is at the mo

    my adivse...stay well away from the dullness and wankness that is a a little and experience different things on a fleet boat
  17. Waveyourflag, ask about the STC branch at your AFCO. Its right down your street i think!
  18. Now there speaks the voice of experience :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:
  19. Thanks Danny.

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