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This is just a quickie. When you complete your Proffesional training how long is the wait until you are assigned your first ship? I've never thought to ask in my AFCO, thanks.


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As various of us have stated above, we are all now assigned, but yes, silly old buggars like myself, Lammers et al still call it a draft.
Oh remb the days at Dryad, buffer party or running that common room opposite pins. block, as a job until your drafting date came around!

Or the career's office..............I did one of these career office open day things, travel up to the relevant town on a Monday/Tues, do the open day on the Wed, go home for a long weekend and back to base on Sunday night. Bet they don't do that anymore!
Don't forget that this is tri-service, so perce is no longer 'posted' and crabs are no longer 'politely asked to vacate their hotel rooms before mid-day'.
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