Assault with a sausage.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by 2badge_mango, Aug 22, 2007.

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  1. Heard on BBC news that a 12 year old boy had been arrested for assaulting an elderly man with a cocktail sausage. Didn't know whether to post this in CA or the paedo forum. The mind boggles (at both the assininity of the charge and what the fertile minds of RumRationers could make of it).

  2. Although this all sounds pathetic and I heard his mum telling her tale of woe on the radio earlier, this may well not be the first time this youngster has been nicked - unless he caused a serious injury on his first offence (which he obviously didn't because it was only a common assault) the judicial process should go for a reprimand (kids caution), final warning and then charge for court.

    My guess is that he aint that cute and cuddly and that he MAY have been through the system a bit already? On the other hand, perhaps this was a first offence and the old bill got it well out of proportion, and it always requires the CPS support before getting to court of course.

    Just a thought
  3. What was a 12 year old doing at a Cock n' Arse party in first place?
    Only there for the free gin I suppose.
  4. On Radio Four this evening it was stated that he'd been cautioned three times before. The subtlety was that this is the first time he's had his collar felt over this particular complainant.

    Whilst I rather agree with the magistrate that charging him in this occasion may not be in the public interest, there is clearly an emergent pattern which should be dealt with.

    I find it interesting that apparently his mother doesn't dispute the history but is reverting to the special needs argument in the first instance. Personally I find this an attempt to absolve herself of responsibility for her child.
  5. Ah, special needs, another badge to pin the boys behaviour on - perhaps mum may soon be subject to a parenting order to help her address his special needs (namely discipline)
  6. Ah! Special needs.
    Not just a nasty little git then?
  7. As the late Adm.LeFanu (scourge of the Rum Bosuns) said: There are no bad boys, just bad parents..... though had he met UA.....??? ;)

    Perhaps mummy needs a large clip round her ear lug.... connected to the mains! :biggrin:
  8. I heard the story on the radio. My first thought was the kid needs a good belting to get some discipline into him. My second thought was that the mum needs belting as well. Obviously the kid is a total brat and has got away with everything up to now.
  9. Certainly on the wireless, there's been a certain degree of derision that it was just a little sausage. Well, just a little sausage can be very distressing to a little old lady; who's not paid much attention to through all this. The sausage was probably the first thing at hand for the small retard and, perhaps, could just as easily have been a brick. Bricks seem to be the preferred choice of projectile in Wythenshaw, as anyone familiar with the area will know.

    Maybe it isn't an economic use of Court time but, if the creature has any capacity to learn, it might be a lesson well taught.

    Was this the Wurst case of the day?

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