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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Obelix, Mar 20, 2007.

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  1. I'm shortly to be joining the Navy, not Marines, but have heard from alot of Army blokes that South African Assault Vests are quite popular amongst UK troops.

    Is this the case in the Marines too? I've still got all my brothers' kit, and access to a few of their army buddies, all of whom still have their assault vests.

    Is it worth me bringing them over before I join with a view to selling them? A possible glitch is that they are a plain brown colour. Does all HM Forces kit have to be DPM or the desert pattern?
  2. u sure u dont want to be a salesman?????????????
    :shock: :shock:
  3. Hang on to the assault vests, they won't let you into The Harbour Fights in Torpoint without one.

  4. Anything for a few extra bob, especially if it means hardly doing a thing:)
  5. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I'm sure your DL wont mind a few scankey assault vests cluttering up all that shiney new gear in your locker, Hey, he might even buy one........ :roll:
  6. Bring over a couple of 'boys' to do a few of the chores. Dhobying, polishing boots etc, you could rent them out to your fellow recruits, stow them under your pit or on top of your locker.
  7. Some of the lads do use them, but not many, and to answer your question about whether or not to bring it I'd like to remind you you're joining the Navy (not a serious military organisation). They understand little of what goes on ashore - apart from how to paint the odd leper colony pussers grey - and it would probably be a bad idea to expose them to fighting equipment like an assault vest.
  8. They'll all want rifles next, good grief matelots and small arms like ossifers and maps :lol:
  9. What the hell do you want to start a topic like ''assault vests'' for when you are going into the RN. Matelots are bad enough with an Iron sight SA 80 A2 without you giving them ideas about webbing . It will be cam cream next.
  10. Thats not fair, I would have felt a lot safer in my boat in the Barents sea if I had had a decent assault vest to wear when on watch.
  11. Why Maxi? What's wrong with pussers webbing if all you have to do is stand there and watch your arcs knowing that there's very little chance of having to do anything? I can't see what difference this vest would ever make for a matelot stood on watch :???:
  12. I realise I'm not as much of a hard unit as you are, but if you were to do me the favour of applying your (obviously considerable) intellect to this you will realise the following:

    I don't intend to use them myself

    I intend to sell them to any RM's that are willing to buy.

    The point of my thread was to ascertain whether they were allowed to be used by Royal Marines. There is a 6pg thread on Arsse devoted specifically to them, with many soldiers, mainly paras, singing their praises to no end.

    Hence, excuse my absolute stupidity, my seeing an opportunity.
  13. Thanks for the answer, at least it's a straight one.

    Does this include clearance divers not having much contact with royal marines?
  14. Cheers mate, neither can I, I guess...

    I'll try flog them over on Arsse, maybe some frustrated logistics driver will want to play dress up or something :wink:

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