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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by JimDerDog, Jul 17, 2006.

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  1. Plea for help! I have my issue high leg boots, but dont appear to have Pussers feet to put in them - nearly crippled from wearing them and running around the place. Have noticed several others wearing extremely comfortable boots that are not standard issue, without getting any sort of ear bashing. Can anyone tell me the official position on this? Are there certain makes of boots that we can wear or can we wear anything just so long as it is black, with toe protection? Have had suggestions of Hanwag, Lowa and Magnum - any thoughts on any of these makes?
  2. I had the same problem and took all sorts of advice on filling them with hot water and wearing them wet, pee-ing in them, neatsfoot oil, etc but nothing worked. Then I got hold of a pair of Magnum boots from the specialist clothing store in NELSON. They're also called Hot Weather Climate boots and should be easy to get hold of if you ask for the right thing.

    Be aware though they generally only issue them for personnel going overseas or those with a chit from the medics which cites that they cannot wear the pussers hig legs without being crippled. If your feet are really that bad you might even get aircrew boots. Try asking at stores before going down the medical route - they're usually pretty accommodating.

    Make sure to ask for the insoles too - I think the brand is sorbathon or some similar spelling. Good luck.

  3. I used the sorbathane inners when I was into the running few years back due to the think it is called[using my one brain cell left] supernate and pronate where the foot either falls inwards or outwards it does work.

    If you went to a specialist boot maker they would tell you if you pronate or supernate or even a foot specialist type person. Or possibly the medic.
  4. I seem to be a little backward, currently serving in the Aussie Army, and Im trooping around in a pair of Navy (Australian) Black GP's. Bloody comfortable, watertight and indestructable. At the end of the day, depends on your feet, im sure if you smile sweetly enough and keep them black, you'll get away with almost anything.
  5. Magnum boots definently the way forward. Really comfy

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