Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Extras, Jan 31, 2009.

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  1. Do any of the NATO members still use anything like this? The Russian Navy still has the Viyuga and it's range does look quite impressive!

    I can understand that with modern boats it would be hard to pick them up at long range anyway, but surely an A boat could pick up one of the older Diesel boats from a long way off.

    I'm just wondering as this is a weapon system that I've just come into contact with.

  2. Fecking having a Giraffe a'rnt you, antiquated piece of shite even Ikara was better but without the nuke capability.
  3. I think you missed the point there darling!

    I was just wandering why this type of weapon, either as a system to deliver a torpedo or a depth charge, fell out of favour with us and our Allies.

    From my limited point of view (and I admit this freely!) extending the range and speed of torpedoes can only be a good thing!

  4. So no one thinks that an extended range, rocket delivered Torpedo is a good idea?

  5. Extras don't get a shitty on Ikara was a piece of shite ASROC/SUBROC was worse although we nearly splashed a Seaking ASW with one in 79!!!
    Try detecting an ASW unit never mind sinking it!! Nuke Murmansk and Vladivostock is the most effective solution - try finding an Akula or even T206 that doesnt want to be found
  6. Fair enough!

  7. You need to think about the whole system, not just one part of it. You need to know where the target is, so you need to work through the options about how you'll find it, and how far out you might find it. Once you've got clarity around that, then you can think about what options you might have for delivering ordnance reliably and in the right place.

    When you're considering the options for delivery part of the equation is the supporting infrastructure, and what alternatives you have around that.

    Essentially, if you're detecting the target at range, then you've already got weapon carriers out there, so you might as well use them, rather than risk shooting them down. That presupposes an ability to actually find them.
  8. Karma how the fcek do you shoot a submarine down??
  9. Fair, should have been more explicit about it being a dip gang under control.

    But in the ASW situation you're referring to then the surface platform isn't in the equation anyway, so an ASROC type solution isn't available.

    I agree with your point though, for ASW don't p!ss around using surface platforms.
  10. Could I perhaps rephrase that for you.

    "for ASW don't p!ss around using surface TARGETS"
  11. Maxi the eternal words of Gunther but in the end by sheer weight of numbers the Skimmers and dare I say it the RAF did for most of them.

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