aspergers & joining

NorwayChris said:
.........that the knumb nuts Percy04 hasnt come back on here ranting and raving .........


? ? ? '"Percy04'" ??

OP was Everton53 and a certain Percy09 did post on this thread.

But who is he/she 'Percy04' to whom you refer??

Perhaps it is still early in the day for you but we should be told......

Just Curious - But very.


Rumrat said:
pinkprincess said:
lol - It was usually his clothes but he even ate the remote control for the TV at one point. One of his therapists concentrated her efforts on teaching him not to eat inappropriate things.

I love him but I still howled with laughter when I found out.

Does the telly change channels when he farts, and what has he been taught not to eat :roll:

I take it you've seen Bruno then LOL! :lol: