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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by everton53, Aug 6, 2009.

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  1. afternoon chaps. ill get straight to the point; i was diagnosed with aspergers (autism) when i was young and they started giving me incapacity benefits when i started college.

    6 years later and im still getting the benefits, but the aspergers doesn't really affect me anymore.

    so ive decided to stop being a lazy twat & leeching from the government, and do something worthwhile for a change. i plan on trying to join the navy.

    i spoke to the local AFCO last week who told me that usually having aspergers would stop me from joining, but considering my case is so mild i might have a chance. i didnt mention the benefits though, as to be honest its bloody embarassing.

    is me being on benefits for all this time gonna stop me from joining?

    p.s feel free to take the piss. i deserve it.
  2. Hi,

    Autism is a bar to entry, but our AFCO medical examiners have the final decision on any medical matters. If you are claiming disability payments then these will need to stop for you to be eligable.

    First thing you need to do is come clean to the AFCO that you attended. They will then be in a better position to full advise you on the way ahead with your wish of joining the RN.

    Hope this helps


  3. i read that there is no chance with Autism it says that on the application form
  4. is it disability allowance you are on or incapacity? if it is incapacity there should be no problem as you just sign off when returning to work.

    you can also legally work while on incapacity just as long as you do not earn more than £85 (approx) per week and you must work less than 16 hrs

    that is FACT
  5. thanks for the replies all

    have you ever heard of someone with autism being accepted? like, do you really think i have a chance? i'm willing to put 200% effort into this, but i need to know i have at least a chance of getting in

    and percy, its incapacity benefits and yeh im allowed to work, and i have done part time work and plenty of volunteer work too.
  6. Right then, first things first you can't give 200% your ferkin [email protected], second why are you still sponging money off the state if you are all well again?

    Seems like everyone has to be bloody special today and have some sort of effring disability, why can't you just admit you are a lazy good for nothing sponfger and get on with it.

    Andrew is better off without your sort anyway, most likley be P7R before end of week 1
  7. I must admit that I do not know personally of anyone with Autism getting in. However that doesn't mean it couldn't happen. As I said if the AFCO you went too thought that you had a chance then I would go back and talk to them.

    Best of luck


  8. i did admit it ya bloody yank!

    aye, but something tells me he was just trying to be nice. he told me i had a chance, but not to get my hopes up...

    i just wish there was some way to get a more definate answer without actually applying.

    thanks anyways mate
  9. Yank is it you filthy scouse git. I was lucky and made a run for it when imbeciles like you decided joining pusser was a good idea.
  10. I suspect things are a bit more serious than you are letting on. I would take the fact that you qualify for DLA as a marker of severity of your condition. People with mild symptoms don't get DLA. You do, so I'm not sure if you would qualify for entry.

    Aspergers is a barrier to entry in itself - the problem is that many people are diagnosed with this due to parental pressure for a label for their beloved child. If there is doubt then we might refer but, as I have stated above, I think yours will already have been fairly well confirmed.
  11. I have limtedexperience with peoplewith autism but don't they struggle to form personal relationships? How would you work as part of a team? And sharing
  12. I have limted experience with people with autism but don't they struggle to form personal relationships? How would you work as part of a team? And sharing VERY close living space?
  13. My younger cousin has Aspergers and although you don't notice these days, he reverts to childhood behaviours like eating his clothing when he is extremely distressed.

    I'm sorry to have to say this but I suspect that this tyoe of high-stress recurrence is the reason for not allowing people in with Aspergers. A return to those behaviours in theatre would make you a liablity and put your team at even greater risk.
  14. That's fcuking brilliant.
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    That's gotta be a wind up. Something that funny can not be true!
  16. I want to see it.
  17. ...and would make him eminently suitable for the RN I would think :lol: .
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