Asperger's/High-Functioning Autism

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Officer Wannabe, Jul 27, 2016.

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  1. I've lurked on here for a while and I've finally decided to join since I'm considering an application to join the RN as an Officer Cadet.

    I've read the other Asperger's/Autism threads on here and the Psychiatry section of JSP 950, there are a couple of things I'm uncertain about.

    JSP950 states that Asperger's (so long as it isn't disabling) may be considered, however Autism would appear to be a straight no. Since 2013, Asperger's has no longer been a diagnosis according to the official diagnostic procedure, so anyone diagnosed post-2013 will have "Autism Spectrum Disorder".

    When I had a report done a few years back, the doc said that I basically had a case of "Mild Asperger's" however since I didn't talk until I was nearly four, the correct diagnosis would be "Childhood Autism" (when Asperger's diagnoses existed, you couldn't get one if you had a speech delay). I'm currently in the process of getting an updated report.

    Now, I currently hold down a professional job working for a bank in the City, however I don't find office life particularly interesting, so I'm interested in joining BRNC as an officer cadet. I've lived in a shared house with other professionals for over two years with no problems, I've flown an aircraft solo (the flying club knew about the diagnosis and were fine about it) and I tend to be fairly social (quite a prolific business networker and speed dater).

    For the record I did hold a valid ENG1 in the past, doc was fine about the diagnosis. Appreciate its a tough one with regard to the RN medical but do you think it will be a straight no?
  2. If you do not try you will never konw, go for it and see what happens.
  3. Evening,
    A diagnosis of Aspergers is likely to result in a medically unfit decision. Getting the original diagnosis overturned is always a challenge, especially as you are expecting a Medical professional to either change their mind or to go against that of another.
    Good luck if you wish to push on, but enquire with your AFCO early about your eligibility - they will have all of the guidance you need.
  4. Thanks for the advice folks, I'm going to apply but won't get my hopes up, nothing ventured nothing gained.

    I doubt I'd be able to get the diagnosis overturned, once diagnosed it's there for life and when I was much younger I did quite clearly have it. I've since lost a lot of the traits associated with the condition as I've moved into adulthood.
  5. Trainer

    Trainer War Hero Book Reviewer

    @nemesis1066 , whilst we're on it - what would the likely prognosis be of an application of somebody being prescribed Methylphenidate. Grateful for a PM.

    @angrydoc , grateful for a 2nd opinion.
  6. Been an absolute age since I first posted on this, ultimately I got accepted as a Trainee Train Driver before I had the chance to attend a Navy medical. Declared my condition at the railway medical, they were perfectly happy with it and I've enjoyed life on the railway so far.

    As for anyone else who wishes to try the military with Asperger's or similar, best of luck, though I unfortunately I couldn't say whether a mild case would get through or not.
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  7. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The point of your post being....?;)

    Basically, it's case by case, I guess. Good to hear you got a job driving trains and best of luck.
  8. My Grandson loves trains, he has aspergers, Thomas is his friend

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