Asking for a friend...


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OK History Buffs, a mate has his Grandfather's WW2 Service Certificate and it has the initials ILWID.

Simple question...What does that mean?

@sweetpea any help very much appreaciated. (We're talking Hobnobs here, maybe chocolate ones, maybe even a full packet.)


War Hero
Where are the initials on the cert? A pic would help! Are they in typeface or written?
Not seen the SC & don't know the name unfortunately.

I'll bounce the queries back to my oppo and pass on a link to your user profile so the first party enquirer can discuss direct, assuming you have access to WWII era Naval Archive data, if that's OK?


It could be a unit name i.e. 1st Light Warning (radar) Identification Division

Or I could be completely wrong! Can you tell us which service?
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