asking a question about Russian navy's Peter the Great

I live in Canada and am curious about military subjects in general and cannot seem to find a viable option anywhere on the net to simply ask a question so I registered here to ask....I wanted an objective opinion about the Russian Naval Vessel Peter the Great missile cruiser. the Russian Govt. has stated that they want to refurbish the three remaining Kirov ships of this class by 2020 to full operational status, thats putting alot of confidence in these ships which look suspiciously alot like the doomed Yamato class battleships of WW2.

reading about those IJN WW2 battleships, the Yamato and the Musashi got me to thinking about how useful or deadly these Russian kirov class ships really are....can anyone here say with any kind of knowledgable opinion how effective these types of ships are in todays world of jet aircraft with advanced anti-ship missiles and submarines?

I've heard of their problems mechanical and otherwise but just assuming everything worked as it should....

there must be some experienced people here that could venture a good guess as to how they would do in a blue water engagement.....obviously they would need support from submarines and other surface ships yes? but against a nimitz class carrier and its aircraft wouldnt these ships be completely outclassed or destroyed very quickly?

I dont want to ask an american because they are not going to give me an objective opinion simply because they would put down the idea of a kirov battle cruiser having any potential at all in any type of naval warfare...because it is the american thing to do.

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