Ask the EU's permission to lower our taxes?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by flymo, Mar 4, 2011.

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  1. Rubber stamping the EU directives of course.:evil3:

  2. As fishhead says and making promises to the electorate that they have no intention of keeping, weak tossers one and all.
  3. Are people that brow beaten from the Pro EU lobby that we don't seem to care anymore?
  4. There are plenty who care but unfortunately none of them are in a position to change anything.Labour,consevative and Libdems are all officially pro EU so any opportunity for the electorate to decide whether the UK should be a member is a long way off.
  5. Perhaps we should have a 'day of rage'........... now where have I heard that before ?
  6. A day of rage might result in some of RRs more outrage prone members to overload
  7. I don't think this is at all as outrageous as it sounds at first glance. The EC exists to establish a level playing field for trade, agricylture, fishing etc. If Johnny Frog got it into his mind to cut fuel costs for French lorry drivers, thereby making it easier for them to undercut British transport companies there would (quite rightly) be an outcry. This is simply a matter of the UK Govt doing the right thing in the right way by getting the rationale in focus and EC recognition (approval if you prefer) first.
  8. Good point, but I think that a lot of the frustration with European involvement in our decision making process is due to the fact that greater integration in the EC has taken place without any objective public debate or consultation. In fact it appears that individuals and political groups opposing further integration are usually dismissed as either regressive (whatever that means) bigots or relics of a different age (a polite way of saying regressive bigots). In the days that the EC existed purely to provide a level playing field for trade this sort of story would pass by the editors desk unnoticed, unfortunately successive treaties have made vast, often covert constitutional changes to the UK and other countries without proper regard to the feelings of the electorate (or even in spite of the feelings of the electorate in France and Ireland). I doubt anyone is really that bothered about the content of the story itself, what upsets and angers people is that our domestic laws and our democracy have been undermined by a foreign influence, and no one is quite sure how it all happened.


    Regressive Bigot
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  9. And an example of the EU penetration into UK society can be found in the law courts. The British Constitution Group had a little set to in The Wirral with a judge hiding behind his supposed authority and trying to take the court case into Chambers. i,e, no longer in public. This ability has apparently come from the EU. Nice.
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  10. Careful Broadside, your reasoned and sensible posting will only serve to further anger the little Englanders.
  11. Happy to be an "Inselaffe". That's why {insert name of favourite sky pixie here} gave us a moat.

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