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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by mirrenso, May 2, 2016.

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  1. Hi all, im new here and want to join a female, 17 and interested in surface fleet and want as much sea time and see as much of the world as land based boring desk jobs!!
    Ive been round role finder and interested in chef, dental nurse, logistics, communication.
    A friend that's in told me "beware waiting times long" and "lots of us girls in communications."
    So.....what sort of jobs can I apply for to have shortest/shorter wait times between seeing AFCO for initial talk, applying and HMS Raleigh?
    And what's the main stages....AFCO talk/apply/....then what in between....RT test...interview?
    When do you do the fitness test and do they test you on the swim 50m part when?
    Sorry for so many questions but im new here but really keen....thanks for any advice.
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  2. While I admire your enthusiasm I would advise you to pick a job you think you would enjoy rather than the one with the shortest waiting time. The navy will present you with lots of challenges whatever role you chose so it best to be patient and happy rather than stuck in a job that for you could unrewarding. Good luck with whatever you chose to do.
  3. Go for whatever you want to be - I am uncertain of time limits any set time limits, but anything could come up and delay process, so be prepared for that! :)

    Good luck!

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  4. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    How long have you served M96, maybe you should hold back on the advice until you have some experience to back it.
  5. Once more, as I said on another thread... it's from the horses mouth, and even from threads on here about years of waiting. Also, telling someone to go for the role they want isn't bad advise...

    Don't make me explain again.

  6. I think when NS retires M96 should take over the recruiting role, he has a wealth of anecdotal evidence about recruiting and life at sea.

    Maybe when/if you get through Phase 1 when/if you join, you may find the horses mouth has spoken with a forked tongue on a few things.
  7. It is not uncommon to have a delayed application for whatever reasons - or having to put up with a long application process. When I went for the Army Reserves my A/C was meant to be in August, then October, then November, then I withdrew for other pursuits. So I know that there are factors that can delay someone's app. If you are seriously denying that a recruit won't hear at least one story about another long awaiting a start date then I can't take you seriously.

  8. Hearing stories? Back to anecdotal evidence again!

    Don't take me seriously if that's what you want, you seem to take chinese whispers far more seriously. Should be interesting if/when you do finally rock up at the gate. I'll believe NS when he qoutes waiting times, not you.
  9. Navy School... some recruits stating they waited 2 to 3 years. Evidence. My own experience with a delayed A/C (albeit Army Reserves, but I would class as evidence). AFCO recruiter on the phone telling me not leave college while app is in because I could be AND I BLOODY WELL QUOTE "Could be waiting a while, possibly between 12 and 18 months". Evidence. I'm giving my perspective on both what I have heard, AND experienced. Wait for another to answer, because I am not exactly saying that the thread should close because my answers are spot on 100% pure gold. I would never say that.

  10. Navy Gods. As far as I can remember 1 recruit had a long wait but the reasons why were never given. 12 months isn't a long wait these days, a few years back recruiting was stopped for 6 months and caused 2 - 3 year waits but that has long gone and recruiting is now on the up. The AFCO told you 12 - 18 months to not raise your expectations. I was told 1 year when I joined up, turned out it was 6 months, my eldest son was told 18 months when he joined up, turned out it was 8 months.

    Rely on the figures NS supplies, AFCO's will always give you you a worst case waiting time.
  11. Be careful Wrecker, he's using caps lock. :eek: :D
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  12. So your experience is: told to wait long, but was then less. That's fine. Although, others would have experienced the opposite: Told long, wait longer. It happens. It's not a certainty, but it happens.
  13. I hear the Army Reserve were very pleased you withdrew your application...
    From the horse's mouth you understand.
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  14. Why do people get so upset when they attack someones answer but the person defends them self and proves to be right on making a valid point. Sad days.

    I said it once and i'll say it again: Everyone's experience is different, there is bound to be those who waited years, are they large in numbers, or small in numbers? who knows! but they exist, so my point stands. Sorry to shoot you down.
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  15. You don't have the mental capacity to shoot anyone down, and you still haven't said who this horses mouth is?
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  16. You don't know Dhobyitch but it didn't stop you passing a comment on his mental capacity...if you don't like it, don't chuck it.
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  17. The fact that I have annoyed you as much just shows you how easy it is to get into that little head of yours... and I never even intended on doing so, that's the best part. Next time learn to ignore something you don't like. :D
  18. You think you've annoyed me!!, you've kept me mildly amused for what was, otherwise, a relatively boring afternoon at work. Still keeping up with the personal insults I see, always a sign of someone who's lost the argument.

    Do keep posting :)
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  19. That's very kind of you... but unfortunately when it comes to the medical aspect of things I can't help as I have no medical knowledge. Hence why I never answered the question. Thanks for bringing me into it though...
  20. Yes, I do mean that. Glad you understood though.

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