Asian amputees

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by RonJeremy, Mar 28, 2009.

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  1. MMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!


    The possibilities are endless..........
  2. Does she do side-parties ?
  3. I can't help but notice that she's got a shaved the fcuk does she manage that? I would be willing to carry out that task on a daily basis for her!
  4. You could bugger her without the need for rohypnol, pussers black maskers or ultra violence!! So much better than a fully limbed woman!
  5. think id have trouble keepin a straight face
  6. One wonders who the keeper of the toilet roll would be.

    And who the hell put her on that stool!
  7. Not much chance if you fancy a quick hand job then?

  8. Looking at that made me have a ''Pokey bum wank''
  9. Leave her alone,she seems harmless enough!
  10. But how do you tie her to the bedposts?????
  11. Surely if she's on the stool, she needs a deeper toilet pan?
  12. how the hell does a bomb,or whatever,take off all limbs and leave the pricey bits intact?let's face it she's a cracking bird with a great pair of coathangers,just well!not all there!
    I've known some shipmates who would accept it no problem.
  13. How does she mop up afterwards?
  14. Ron Jeremy: Where did this item come from ??? Please...
  15. The Asian Amputee website FFS! Whoever said there's no such thing as a stupid question was obviously a cnut!
  16. Seems they have amputated her body as well now :)

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