Ashley cole 'dating' an ex wren

I bet she got her task book signed off quickly.

By glamour model standards she's decidedly average however by wren standards she's a Goddess. I bet lads were queuing up to sniff the bog seat after she went for a shit.
We aren''t that hard up for subject matter. Try harder.
It is just because i was watching the valleys and then went for a dig around to see if she had done anything interesting. Anyway time is merely an instrument crafted by people to create identifiable signposts in the cycle of the earth, dates are just numbers and words (or some other deep sounding comment regarding time being irrelevent but that actually makes little sense). Might not be that hard up but not much going on on here so don't see the harm personally :)
Cheryl's got some God awful mahoosive chav tats as well plus if she's that hirsute, she must have a mott like a camels footprint if she doesn't take a strimmer to it on a daily basis.
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Agree wrt the tats wrecks, she's made a bit of a mess of herself. Lovely eyes though (unless Monty is about to tell me that they're glass!!!)


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To be honest, i stopped reading after "Topless bisexual nympho" and started pulling the head clean off it.

Rats or not, i'd smash that all night. The fucking filthy topless bisexual nympho.
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