asbos and tagging


Lantern Swinger
A 16 year old ex neighbour of mine who is a leading light in the chav culture has just pulled off a blinder. He is ASBOed to keep him out of our town centre and also the local small industrial estate as well as being tagged to ensure he is in his home between 9pm and 7am.

His more mobile mates dicovered that the owner of the local mini brewery had forgotten to lock his premises up and called up my ex neighbour on their top of the range mobile phones. The tagged kid didn't move from his house but made himself the Logistics Manager of the gang and organised a pick - up to go round to the brewery and load up with crates of beer.

While the loading was going on he organised another squad of tots to go around and collect a large number of wheelie bins, one each. When the loaded pick-up arrived at his house the wheelie bins were loaded with the booze and taken back to where they came from by a small army of sprogs.

The Loggy guy held back a few crates in his own house to placate his mother and her boyfriend.

When the Police started searching the next day they spotted our heroes 7 year old brother sat on his doorstep swigging from a bottle of the local brew. The kid said he had found the bottle and when his house was searched no booze was found. How unusal!

After the fuss had died down the bottles were recovered from the wheelie bins and sold to the local under - agers who had a rare old time. Some parents complained to the police but thats as far as it went.

The ASBO and tag did nothing to curtail this lads actions, if anything they increased his lateral thinking and made him another local hero. What a waste of time.



andym said:
Should have locked the bloody lot of them up!!!!!

No way Jose. Give the kid a break.

This kid has evaded any responsibilty for a crime and has kept his hands completely clean while encouraging others to do the dirty work. He has avoided any control from either society or the courts. He has a top of the range communications system and a loyal following that helps him in committing deeds that are detrimental to our wider society. He is probably sitting back, sipping a drink and thinking just how good life is.

He is an obvious candidate for The Palace of Westminster and a job opportunity start under the personal tutelage of Mr. Bliar. But first a free holiday to Florida for him and his family.........poor little tyke is probably exhausted.