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Now correct me if I am wrong??

You have trouble with the next door neighbours get Mister Plod involved and the council, ASBO is served. Yes I know an air strike is much better or send the lads to do a bit of house clearing!!

You then decide to move house. Buyers can then do a search see if any ASBO has been served etc. They then discover neighbours are naughty types and decide to look elsewhere.

So for FOX sake what use is a ASBO!!! All you are doing is shooting yourself in the foot

What about that pathetic judge who told the girl who had been served a ASBO she could remove her electronic tag for she cried it clashed with her dress sense.

I tell thee you couldn't make these stories up if you tried
Welcome to the land of Neu Arbeit.

ASBOs are, in some ways, a practical way of tackling disorder, but they're not a preventative measure by any means.

Who's terrified of an ASBO?

*turns music down*
Same with dishing out Community Service - what a joke. The process of managing and regulating this so called punishment is appalling. The papers are always full of examples where offenders don't turn up and no one bothers to chase them up.

What we need are a few more prisons, capable of holding two or three thousand inmates each. Better still, stick em on remote islands where they can't escape so easily. There just isn't enough deterrent out there any more.

... and another thing - Open prisons? what's the bloody point! :roll:
ASBO, tagging etc. Even a joke in the RN. Runour has it that recently one of the gate staff at HMS Drake had a tag as well as someone in the waterfront manning in Guzz. Anybody know any different?
Now that's novel! Someone else who says that we should accept the fact that we should build more prisons. I keep hearing the trendy left tell me that we must get people out of prison because the numbers are too high. No they're not. If the crims are prepared to risk the wrath of society by carrying out their crime, they should be punished, which includes having enough hard prison places ready for their extended pleasure.

If they are sent to prison for 5 years, they should stay in prison for five years. We as a society are no longer allowed to execute the worst offenders, but when they are sentenced to life imprisonment, they should stay in prison for the rest of their life. Nothing hard about the logic; nothing hard about the maths. Building more prisons will give work for builders and prison staff, who will all pay tax and contribute to society. All people imprisoned should be stripped of their earthly goods and chattels, as they will no longer need them and, if they are lucky enough to regain their freedom they can damn well start again. Oh and if that's tough on their families - unlucky!
Send all convicted crims to the colonies --

We've still got a few as yet uninhabited --------South Georgia would be a good start

Save money on locks and fences too. Don't bother with warders just let them get on with it amongst themselves.
I don’t like to say this but we should be like the wanks sorry the yanks twenty years means twenty years and life means life i.e. buddy you aint coming out alive.
I think community service would be great if it was implemented properly. Having some little shit who burnt down a bus stop spend every weekend picking litter and cleaning graffiti from his local area wearing a high vis vest that says "I've been a naughty boy" could work well. It would make deprived areas look a little better, and might even teach him a bit about hard work and possibly a create bit more pride in his community. There has to be harsh measures for not turning up or pissing around when they do though. Each council should employ a few really nasty ex-military types to supervise, if they are not happy with the work rate you come back next weekend, if you don't turn up you get locked up. Simple.
Community service sounds great --only thing is the problem of putting the offender into a community programme . It then puts the onus onto the organisers and they become in effect warders or carers .
I suggest that all offenders go to a house of correction-------Jail ,Goal,Prison ,Institute or whatever fancy name the PC persons can come up with ----------------lock 'em up .
No early release -they didn't get nicked for good behaviour .
Fence the open prisons aswell
Asbos are a waste of time. I have dealt with people who have been served them - and they do nothing. I sat in an asbo meeting where the copper in charge told this dim-witted sort - "don't cross me - you don't wont to mess with me." This sad bitch broke her asbo over 200 times and nothing was done. I'd have sent the bitch down.

Our judicial system is shit and this Government is shit. Weak and clueless The whole system is impotent when dealing with societies flith.

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