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Asbo OAP 'string of convictions'

Self confessed witch with no evidence of pressure, i.e. ducking etc.

To save on th fire wood we have a cliff not that far from here called the 'Carlins Loup' and witches were just pushed over the edge, much cheaper and wholly carbon neutral.


War Hero
Will send her to you tomorrow Peter. Please inform her that she is going on a cliff climbing course pefore giving her a push.
What a fine looking hat anybody who wears a hat like that must be guilty of something!!

Remember a similar thing on the box where this neighbour made life hell for this chap renovating his house. When he was on his roof and his leg dangled over the edge onto her property she tried to take him to court for tresspassing.

A couple of dips on the ducking chair should sort her out. And to be fair test the others to be on the safe side! Those witches are all over the place I know I married one!!

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