Asbo bans family from Lancashire

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, May 12, 2007.

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  1. Problem is unless you desire to go next door and give them all a good thrashing, and then if you own your own home they will sue and you lose your home to pay the poor things for stress and trauma.

    The other method is the ASBO tag then if you wish to sell your home later it will be revealed in the search that those next door are filth. No sale!
  2. 7.62 / 5.56
    In an ideal world
  3. Welcome back Lingy
    At last a man who believes in the power of real discipline
  4. wouldnt ya love to knock 10 shades of the brown stuff out of them. if they lived next door to me i wouldnt think twice on sloting the feckers if they started there anti social crap.
  5. Hey Ho Slim
    You can't cuddle these bastards can you, they forfeit their rights when they shat on the rights of others.
  6. I totally agree, people like that need to be shot. My mum is having probs with scumbags like that at the mo and if only she would tell me who they are.....
  7. A perfect example of the inadequacies of the law. Why should ANYONE have this family living next to them. All benefits should be stopped and then imprison them if/when they break the law. We should also adopt a scheme some of our European neighbours have of putting all the shite in one street in crap houses, behind fencing and just moniter it from the outside.
  8. Though many criticise China for law enforcement it has a lot to commend it. The Chinese have a strict three hits and you are out policy. Put simply you are sent to prison twice for serious offences for rehabilitation. If convicted for a the third time the government has decreed that you are unworthy of living in a civilised society. You and anyone else in the same position will be put on the back of a truck with a placard placed around the neck to inform the rest of the population what misdemeanors you are guilty of. The trip normally ends at either a large cinema car park or perhaps football ground where you are taken off the lorry made to kneel down and a shot through the back of the head. This causes your face to be lost. Hence the expression to lose face. Finally the family is sent the bill for the bullet.
    Needless to say not many commit crimes after being caught twice.
    Uncivilised Chinese? I think not, they do not have the problems we have in this country. During all the years that I worked in China I could walk in any area in complete safety. :)

    Standing by for incoming and I don't give a toss :)
  9. Best advert for Euthanasia and selective breeding!

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