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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by epsom salt, Dec 22, 2015.

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  1. 2016 promises to be a momentous year for nuclear veterans. Once again they face the Ministry of Defence in a courtroom. A dozen or so veterans from the Christmas Island tests are demanding war pensions for inju-ries caused by radiation exposure.

    Be in no doubt of the importance of this battle. If the veterans are successful not only will they and their families benefit financially , it could also pave the way for the ultimate showdown with the MoD — a full trial in the High Court. Success there could finally deliver

    the justice and compensation the nuclear veterans so richly deserve. The showdown will take place in the Spring and it is vital that as many veterans as possible express their support either by sending the judge letters or emails, or better still going along to the court. As always fissionline will be standing shoulder to shoulder with the veterans. In the coming weeks we will be supplying all the details of where to send your communications, and informing you of the venue and the dates of the trial. A huge show of support for the litigants could go a long way in sway-

    ing the judge’s panel. But never forget we are up against the Ministry of Defence which is prepared to go to any lengths to deny the veterans justice. It has used powerful lobby groups in Parliament, and spent untold millions on expensive lawyers and barristers. But the sands of time are running out for the MoD. New evidence is emerging all the time. The day of reckoning is approaching. One day David Cameron will stand up in Parliament and apologise for Britain’s callous disregard for the men who sacrificed their health and their lives so we could all be safe.
  2. The only winners in this will be the lawyers.

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  3. But not the hundreds employed by the Government. they are not up to it and, as you say, the bought in civilian lawyers will receive eye-watering amounts. It will upset the Mods, but we could discuss the links between those lawyers and certain uniformed MOD staff and/or their relatives. That would be muddy water.
  4. It is probably best to leave things like that unsaid as the sites owners dislike being sued for libel. Powerful people have powerful friends and all dislike muddy water.
  5. What on earth are you suggesting? The Site Owners have interests other than altruism? Never.
  6. The main interest being staying out of court and keeping the sites open.
  7. Keeping the site open and making a few bob at the expense of the truth. Is that what it has come down to?
  8. Any proof of that, or just conjecture?
  9. Conjecture .Awaiting proof that I'm mistaken
  10. Anyway, some cracking photos of a CPO on some of the tests. Pictures from the Gosport FB site.

    I just love how laid back he is when there are dirt girt mushrooms going off behind him!

    a bomb tests.jpg
  11. Billy Q = Norman?
  12. Probably!

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