ASaC flying at RNAS Yeovilton Airday 2007

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by nickn, Aug 17, 2007.

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  1. Does any one know which squadron it was supporting this years show?

    I have a rather good photograph of the Seaking ASaC7 at this years Yeovilton Airday and I'm looking to get a couple of 10 x 8 prints I had printed off to the crew, if any one knows the crew can you get them to PM me so I can get them to the right people. Tried to get the right squadron details through the press office and was told 849NAS but knew they'd been reformed to 854NAS and 857NAS, called Culdrose press office to ask the same question and got a "dunno" so took the prints with me to Culdrose with the the intention of passing to the crew of the static ASaC at the Airday to pass on but spent 3 1/2 hours stuck in the lane near Gweek so gave up trying to get in to the base so still have the prints to send.
  2. Why not give CU a ring... ask for 849NAS, if they've disbanded pick either 854 or 857NAS and discuss it with them? (I'd ask the operator for someone quite high in the squadron heirachy... maybe Snr Pilot or Training Officer rather than the Duty Officer?)
  3. (Later the same day) I sort of stumbled acrss this...

    The 3 ASaC Squadrons will be commanded at SO2 level, and will all be accountable to the Commanding Officer, RNAS Culdrose through the Sea King Force Commander. 849 A Flight and 849 B Flight re-commissioned to become 854 NAS and 857 NAS respectively with effect from 13 Dec 06 to shape the SKASaC Force in preparation for a wider range of deployed operations. Additionally, this puts in place a suitable structure that will support early CVF operations and the eventual migration of the Maritime Air Surveillance and Control (MASC) capability

    As I understand it 849 NAS remain as the HQ with the two former flights now with squadron numbers... a call to 849 should be your first port of call?
  4. Nickn
    Look mate they are aircrew don't worry too much about photographs, I'm just suprised that they didn't offer you some signed ones
  6. I'm new to Rumration and ex RN. Never heared of ASaC, can someone tell me what it stands for?
  7. have you tried to get in touch with the Yeovilton air day office, i am sure they will be able to tell you which squadron it was

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