As I'm not an authorised financial advisor...

Discussion in 'Finance & Pensions' started by flymo, Oct 24, 2010.

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  1. ....I'm not going to mention Gulf Keystone Petroleum who have been digging very deep holes in Northern Iraq - the Kurdish bit. They have found a couple of barrels of oil too.

    I bought them last year at 87p and it appears that they have gone up ... a bit - and it may well be a case that they could go up a lot more now that the Kurds are throwing their weight behind Malaki as the new Iraqi PM.

    I wouldn't dare advise anyone to buy these shares as I am not allowed to by law - but haven't the current shareholders been lucky and will be so much luckier in the near future when they prove how many billions of oil they have in the ground. Sorry, I did say billions not millions.

    It has been said that Saudi Arabia is sat on a lake of oil and Iraq is sat on an ocean of oil. Explains a lot about why the invasion took place and why Western drilling companies suddenly appeared in NIraq 2003, just after the war.

    Their symbol is GKP if you want to do some light reading when you can't sleep at night .... Linky
  2. And the eagle flies at midnight... :p
  3. And mother has bought two loaves of brown bread ;-)
  4. Looks as though the Iraqi government are finally in place (on the QT at the moment). Mailiqi to be in charge. The Kurds have been informed that they will be involved with all oil agreements in the north of the country and it appears that current agreements made between Kurdistan and Western oil companies will be honoured.

    Crikey, all the ducks are falling into place. GKP is now 192. When I first posted they were 156.


    Shares can crash as well as fall.
  5. Sorry to resurrect a dusty thread but I'm just so glad that I am not a financial adviser as I would have hated to say that the share price closed at £3.03 today.

    It does look as though the person who bought 400 thousand of these shares at £3 a share today (that's £1.2 million) must have spoken to a financial adviser though.
  6. Ahh that's a shame then ... I would have been more than happy to have helped someone.
  7. Don't know if you're aware but our esteemed brethren in green (ie ARRSE) have set up a forum dealing with exactly this;


    WHAT shares to invest in

    HOW to invest in shares.

    Hope they help. Now I'm not a financial adviser either, so under no circumstances at all would I recommend anyone to have a look at Bank of Ireland (BKIR). Nope, not at all, because that'd be speaking outwith of my area of expertise.
  8. I've spoken to the wife - I gave in and decide to speak to her for once ... and word on the playground is that KBIR is a long term recovery.

    Not that she nor I are Financial Advisers and this post didn't happen, nothing was said, move along, nothing to see.

    This post will self destruct in 5 seconds .
    <<< BANG >>>
  9. Flymo
    The way I view it, shippers, is that all stock market investments are a long-term thing (and by that I mean at least the other side of 12 months, possibly longer). If you want high-risk, quick returns, try Ladbrokes Sports Betting | Get a free £50 bet . The risks and rewards are pretty much the same!!!
  10. I couldn't find KBIR and I definitely couldn't find BSP.

    I was sat on my Selftrade account this morning and had the sell button ready to go for GKP with the plan to jump into BSP temporarily and then jump out back into GKP.

    It would have increased my holding in GKP by 50% - but I didn't have the testicular fortitude.
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2012

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