As advertised in the House Magazine.... tasteful nudes too

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by thingy, Apr 1, 2008.

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  1. There is a full page advert in the latest issue of the House Magazine (yes I know what you're thinking: true, some saddos like me do subscribe to this publication :biggrin: )

    The "Growler" is being promoted....... Looks perfect for the average male matelot!

  2. Re: As advertised in the House Magazine.... Hipflasks for MP

    ...not big enough Steve :dwarf:
  3. Re: As advertised in the House Magazine.... Hipflasks for MP

    They do an even bigger one (holds a gallon of rum for the adults, milk for the Juniors and pigswill for the ossifers...), but it would be beyond the price range of our public servants.


  4. Re: As advertised in the House Magazine.... Hipflasks for MPs!

    However I feel that the piccies available via the link below might be more in keeping with you lusty, woman loving matelots!


    ...So that rules out most of the Navy then! :BIGGRIN:
  5. Re: As advertised in the House Magazine.... tasteful nudes t

    but what about Jenny wrens??
  6. the website says that a growler flask is anything that carries ale

    i have just surprised Mrs SS by gobbing Speckled hen up her front bottom.

    i new there was a reason for it
  7. Cheers shag, coffee & peanuts all over the monitor now!
  8. While part of me says that this is an excellent device and could be used for run ashores filled with the DF booze etc., another part of me questions the practicality of a 1 gallon hip flask.

    I mean would you really feel comfortable at your local point-to-point with this? A gallon of G&T sounds great but you can not prove that it is the correct G&T and not some cheap supermarket crap that you are dishing out to your friends!

    Standards have to be maintained after all and even if I had been the OOD I would have spotted this "bergen flask" coming aboard!

    As for beer, I have to ask would the ale (Speckled Hen or otherwise) remain at its prime stae after beibg bounced around like this?

    These are important questions which must be answered!

    After due consideration, I feel that this is NOT a good idea, Hip flasks should be for the best things in life such as single malt whisky or brandy and should be discrete enough to get into rugby grounds etc.

    As for SS - Beer up the front bottom sounds Sooooo romantic! It should be Champagne aat the very least. If you used brandy you could go down in lflames (Boom Boom)!

  9. sorry champagne is for her arse only - thats a special occasion
  10. Re: As advertised in the House Magazine.... Hipflasks for MPs!

  11. I would only use my gallon growler for transporting decent malt to an suitable event, such as a RR banyan or take the thing EMPTY to Nutty's next RNA event where a full barrel of decent pussers rum could be decanted into the growler and the residue diluted and served as grog to all junior hands. Nutty, Jacques le Douste, Morsey, Mrs Nutty, Mme Jacques le Douste and Mr Reggie Morsey and of course me, could then subject the sample to thorough safety testing and quality control to check it's safe for ex-matelots to be given tot. :razz: Pass the straws... :biggrin:
  12. Re: Growler flask

    I am the "Growler" man!, and have been following your comments, and I have a few notices to post.

    I took the Pottle Growler with me to the Heineken cup final the other w/e to watch Paddy teach the Frenchies a thing or two and it was filled with Bitter, which I might add was wonderful, better still it was filled up by a lovely bar girl in the stadium, not bad.

    The Wassail Growler and Growler flask, are I agree a little large to conceal but the Pottle and Baby growlers are not.

    One other observation is that the Growler unlike your wives will not answer back to you after you have quenched your thirst....

    As an ardent supporter of our servicemen and women I would like to offer a discount (from August 08, when we have stocks in) of 20% for service personnel.

    We could also engrave your ships logo on it as well, what do you think.

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