Artistic help required.

I said Artistic not Autistic you mong.....:slow:

Right then lads. I've been getting a fair ribbing all week from these inbred sheepshagging kiwi's about Englands demise in the Rugby world cup, being the shy, retiring fellow that I am I've obviously kept quiet and not suggested sex and travel to anyone taking the piss.

Now is the time for revenge. To put you in the picture all the trucks have a "bush radio" that everyone listens into and calls out their location from time to time because the bush tracks through the forests are quiet tight and no-one wants to bump into another truck where you're unable to pass. I've had a bit of ribbing over the bush radio so I thought it would be the ideal tool to use to give it right back. I'm going to sing a song for everyone if the all blacks lose to Australia on sunday. I need help in writing my song. What I have in mind is a bastardized version of the famous "Alice, alice where the fcuk is alice" song.

Feel free to amend and add verses to my new artistic masterpiece.

"Ellis, Ellis, where the fcuk is Ellis?
It's been 24 years since you've seen Ellis
it's been 24 year, now you'll wait some more
it's been 24 years and you're living next door to Ellis
Ellis, ellis where the fcuks Web Ellis?"

What you reckon lads? Anyone able to improve, extend this masterpiece?


War Hero
"Carter, Carter where the fcuks Dan Carter?
he's crocked and the AB's'll choke
'cause they ain't got Carter
Carter, Carter where the fcuks Dan Carter.":laughing2:
I'm liking your style there NZB, I'm sure there's a version of that "Alice" song knocking about with a couple of kiwi's lamenting the fact they always choke at the RWC