Artistic Abuse

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Trooped_Again, Jul 15, 2007.

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  1. When I was 'in' (shippers, matey, etc., etc.)

    I remember taking stacks of abuse from GI's etc., I was talking about it, trying to use it as an example to one of the guys here, but for the life of me, I couldn't remember anything.

    I do remember the gentle breath in my ear, followed by the soft tones and that caress of a whisper......"Am I standing on your hair?"....followed by a helpful suggestion..."Get your F*CKIN' 'AIR CUT, YOU F*CKIN' HIPPIE"

    Anyone else been a victim of, or indeed used, some artisitc and colourful abuse to us poor baby matelots? (as was, many years ago)
  2. Have been verbally abused many times by the Professionals that the RN employ from time to time, tho` in my defence in almost 24 years service, have never had the urge to "Troop" anyone, there are other ways of getting your point of view across.
  3. I was usually given the option, 'Old' or 'New' navy, got the occasional de-briefing when selected 'Old', got Trooped more than a few times when I knew the 'Old' way would be a bit too much.

    There are other ways of getting your point across, but, sometimes, just sometimes, a good bollocking goes a long way.
  4. Before we started square bashing, we were lined up to face this giant GI who gave us a little pep talk which went something like this;

    “You are now part of Her Majesty’s Royal Navy and, as such, you are now part of the eliteâ€. (Elite, I liked that), (long pause and then), “If you wish to progress, there are only two things you have to rememberâ€. (Only two things , I liked that), “One, (long pause), if it moves, you salute and call it sirâ€, (Salute, I could do that). “And twoâ€, (long pause), “If it doesn’t move, (long pause), you paint itâ€

  5. May 1952, arrived Wetherby station after leaving Pompey on the slow train at O-crack-sparrowfart.
    Very smart PO Coxswain, our new instructor, ordered, "Kit bags and small cases on the wagon, fall in three deep, sling respirators, burberrys over left arm, hammocks on right shoulder, right turn, by the left quick march.
    Geordie B******, in the rear, said, "I thought we were getting a ride on the wagon then." Big hand, out of nowhere, connected with Geordie's ear in no uncertain manner, and voice said "Silence in the ranks, you're at HMS Ceres now, this is not Victoria Barracks."

    PO Bert Lines, - turned out to be one of the nicest blokes I've ever met, and a damn fine Instructor.

  6. As a WEM, standing by the Irn Duck at YSL, I inadvertently called my Charge Chief by his first name. Not usually a problem but on this occasion it was in front of an orrificer. A short moment later after the said orrificer had passed from view my starboard lug hole threw itself at a great rate of knots at the CCPO's hand. I became a little more attentive after that.

    At a later time, still on F234, a baby OM known as OPDEF (you know who you are) walked into the SCC, grabed the duty WE S/R (a chief tiff) by the sleeve, gave it a tug and said "c'mon PO, let's do rounds" One gobsmacked chief. I was later asked to re-brief the young fella-me-lad.

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