Artificer 150 Gala Dinner, Guildhall London 19 May 2018

If at anytime during your Naval career you were an Artificer then this is your last chance to join a major gathering of Jackie Fisher's "Second to None". In 2018 we commemorate 150 years of Artificers in the Royal Navy. See all the details at and join over 300 who have already expressed their interest. Tickets will go on sale later this month (February 2017).
Request the presents of the local fire brigade, and when they collect for the massive posing photo hose them down, a Mech at heart but some meddling twat called us tiffs?
Us Mechs should go along to explain to the tiffs that they don't need to know the breaking strain of a wine bottle cork but show them how to open it.


War Hero
The IMarEST have their annual dinner there so some of the naval engineering community are already familiar with it. Frightfully grand and 'Establishment'.....yah.
Bring it on,,,, Non of you would turn down the Trade Pay just some of us saw the light right at the beginning. Never blame the Tiff for taking the money, blame the system that gave it to him if you have to blame anyone.
Never blame the Tiff for taking the money, blame the system that gave it to him if you have to blame anyone
Me at Careers Office when 15: 'I want to be a Naval Airman'
Chiefy: 'Sod that, push helicopters around a flight-deck all day! You are doing O Levels - you can be an Apprentice'
My Dad (well I was only 15): 'Apprentice!!!! That's for young Taztiff'
(The word Apprentice was a magic word in The Black Country in the mid-seventies. Joining up and being an Apprentice - didn't have to pay for a beer in me Dad's local pubs. Was also the days when the landlord knew everyone and age was ignored when Dad mentioned Navy and Apprentice in the same sentence - again!)
Whos going to show the Mechs which knife and fork to hold?????
peace of wee, which ever shovel comes to hand, and gets scoff of plate to mouth, you will asking which wine glass to use, also simple if it holds liquids' that will do.
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