Article: The End by Ian Kershaw


War Hero
The Second World War didn't end with the end of the Third Reich as many Pacific Fleet old boy will remind you.

Ian Kershaw's It Never Snows In September is IMO the best Battle of Arnhem book out there and I've read most of them. The End is on my 'to acquire' list.


Lantern Swinger
Good book but wrong Kershaw! Robert Kershaw's the man behind It Never Snows - he's an ex-Para officer from memory who spent a lot of time in Germany. You generally can't go wrong with his books - always a good read. Personally, I prefer War Without Garlands, but then the Eastern Front is my specialist subject. :)


War Hero
I'm not at home at the moment otherwise I would have checked...bluster...fart...cough. Different Kershaws explain why INSIS isn't on
R Kershaw's Amazon page.

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