Article: Rum Ration Without the Ads

Happy with the ads, sometimes they're quite amusing, especially the MILF's after servicemen ones!
I thought they were based on browsing history. Good to know I'm not the only one who is getting them ;-)

I'm happy with the ads too. If they keep this site free then why complain?
I thought they were compulsary purchase requsits when you used the site.
I have three tons of gucci webbing, 54 tents, an assortment of camping equipment, three 4x4's a speedboat 97 cuddly toys,
17 eat out pay for two get one free vouchers, 27 Russian brides 3 milfs tied up who thought they were going to marry a commando and some lip gloss, but I'm keeping that and the eye liner.
Fuckin Rum Ration and this darn confusing new fangled site forum. Bahhh!!!.
I blame the fuckin mods, and that bastard with the train set.
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