Article on HMS Vanguard in the Daily Mail

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by soleil, Nov 29, 2008.

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  1. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Bomber queens, how would you like you turkey? Frozen or tinned? blahhhhhhhhhh,,,,lol.
  2. Bollocks. He has either lead a very sheltered life as a bomber faggot, or is being deliberately disingenuous for no good reason.
  3. I gather he ment over the entire tour rather than whenever you want (as I first read it)

    I can't think of a unit who would do a tour of a few months without having any outgoing contact with the outside world (except perhaps special forces - although would they do a lengthy tour in the same sense?) but I'm sure I'll be corrected quickly.
  4. That is the perks of having pound signs in your eyes, they took the option to become a sundodger.

    Yes I know some had no option, but the majority do it for the money
  5. It would be interesting to see if the CO would be willing to Nuke South Africa if the order ever came in. Thats where he and his family are all from!!!
  6. I like the shot of Commander Paul Branscombe showing his periscope to thatcher.
  7. Memories.
  8. Did Cdr Paul Branscombe show you his periscope too, Jenny?
  9. Amusing. I did go on board Resolution but long before Maggie's time. I also met Denis Healey when he visited Northwood in 1968.
  10. Fleet boats on ops, the poor relatives of the submarine family. Not only is there no outgoing communication, the Familygram scheme (allowing families the chance to send short weekly messages), which bombers have had for many many years, is often not available to SSNs.
  11. Faslane naval base on the east coast of Scotland

    When did this happen? there was me driving 77 miles each way every day and the damn place was apparently just along the road from me all along! Ha ! more fool the RN for paying all those HTDs.
  12. Take it easy chief, it was the wail and at least they got the correct country, not that bad really.
  13. I stand corrected, cheers :)
  14. Well, my son-in-law is a PO Mech on the Vanguard and I do know that my daughter is able to send familygrams regularly, but very rarely receives any from him.
  15. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    One way post on a bomber patrol. Many moons ago on my first patrol I recieved grams. 40 or 50 words ( A current queen will have to confirm) a week. Personally, IMHO, no contact is better than reading of the weather is fine, and I miss you!
  16. Having been ever so slightly invilved in getting familygrams for SSNs on Norhter Cruises many many moons ago certainly then they were appreciated by all, though from memory once a month was more like the frequency
  17. Not quite true mate. All SSN's have an E Mail capability, and receive 'grams when in area also. E Mail is the bane of the Comms branch!

  18. Actually, quite true. When on ops in sensitive areas, there will be no e-mail facility via the normal routes, as to receive, one must send, and an unexplained transmission from an area where there is no shipping will arouse some interest (though you should already know this). Some e-mails have been sent via a slightly different means from that which is normally used, but that would only be used when operationally essential. E-mails which are sent, but not received, will be buffered for a short time only, meaning that families have no way of knowing if those messages ever get through. Additionally, from recent personal experience, not all SSNs receive familygrams when in area.
  19. Joe Crow:
    Just read over my last post there mate, bad gramar on my part!
    I didn't mean we could receive Emails on Ops, obviously not gonna happen!
    Every SSN I have been on had Grams in area mate, maybe Janner ratings do it different... :thanks:

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