Article on Devonport/Faslane in the Scotsman

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by soleil, Apr 28, 2009.

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  1. Not the burden of employment, surely?
  2. There are prices to be paid for principles, and just how many of those civilians will stay in Scotland if the base was closed, and how many would be employed for years to clean the place up
  3. Nice journalism, the T boats won't be in Faslane in 2015 as they'll be decommissioning soon, maybe the last 2 or 3 may be there. What they should do IMHO is shut Faslane down and put the bombers in Falmouth as was originally proposed when the Govt bought polaris and put the Astutes in Guzz. I shouldn't imagine anyone north of the border would complain about that :roll:
  4. Can you expand on what you feel needs "cleaning up"
  5. It's not what I feal needs cleaning up though you cant operate a facility like that without some contamination, but I have seen SEPA ina action they will be all over the place and the MOD will have a big bill, just like the one they are going to have to pick up for the contamination at Dalgety Bay whemn they broke up old aircaft after WW2. There is no way SEPA would allow the MOD to leave the site until every last bit of contamination is cleared. For a start did the MOD clear up after evicting Metal Industries, ship breaking is a notoriously 'dirty' task. Then there are the products from coolant discharge, I know it is not supposed to happen now but it used to be routine, then of course what is hidden behind the wire at Coulport.
  6. Whilst I agree there will always be some low level contamination that slips through the net it will be no greater than hospital radioactive waste (anything taken down the pot is treated as contaminated waste wether it is or not). Coolant is always discharged after going through treatment columns on board which are regularly tested to check their working OK (weekly) so the radioactivity level is very very low.Not forgetting everything is monitored by SRD (Safetey and Reliability Directorate). The MOD's problem always seems to me (IMO) too quick to foot bills and not argue it's case properly. No major nuclear work on reactors goes on at Coulport but I was never on bombers so what they do with the trident missiles I've no idea although the dock is a gucci bit of kit. I think the WW2 aircraft problem was more to do with oil contamination.
  7. As I pointed out in the past coolant was discharged, and Metal Industry occupied large chunks of the site for many years scrapping ships and I suspect ther was no clean up when the MOD re-occupied the site.

    I haven't the foggiest either about Coulport, I only ever transited the explosives area, but I do know that over the years the handled some pretty nasty chemicals in there as well as what ever they did with the missiles.

    Whilst the MOD may run a squeaky clean operation today, they certainly didn't in the past and they have owned that site since WW2, so there will be a clean up, just what, how much and how long will have to be determined.

    As for Dalgety Bay I can assure you it is not oil but radioactivity from the radium paint on the luminous dilas of aircraft. SEPA has been trying to get MOD to do something about the contamination for years but only recently has the MOD accepted they need to do something. Hence my suggestion that SEPA will want ensure that Faslane is squeaky clean before the MOD is allowed to walk away.
  8. From the article, "A nuclear-powered Trafalgar class submarine docks at the Faslane Naval Base, Gare Loch, a sight that will become more familiar following the MoD’s decision".

    Oh really? and exactly where were you likely to see a nuclear-powered Trafalgar class submarine dock prior to the MoD’s decision? Journalists? I've sh*t 'em.
  9. Wrong. wrong, wrong. There was an enormous clean up operation before any development work was carried out on the site but that was principally asbestos and oil contamination.
  10. Which are typically minor problems at ship breaking sites where heavy metal contamination can be particuarly problematic.
  11. This gives me the perfect opportunity to share my newly-learned word, remediation. Initially, I thought this had something to do with cosmetic surgery, marriage counselling or compensating people for poor goods or services but it turns out to mean land decontamination. In the words of the great Michael Caine, not a lot of people know that and I only found out myself because my future son-in-law happens to work for a company specialising in this field.

    See Wiki description of remediation here.
  12. One thing that has always puzzled me. They spend a fortune cleaning an area of contamination (of whatever nature), then what do they do with it? Just contaminate another site presumably.
  13. If the jocks are really against faslane. please coudl they move it all to barrow. I would then ask to go boats and i could live RA :) .
  14. Guess which beach i grew up next to and ate the the sand etc.

    I still only have one head and the required number of fingers and toes.

    There is bugger all that can realy be done and the background radiation is less than aberdeen with all its granite releasing radone.

    The submarines rotting in rosyth basin are more of a problem and even that is minimal.
  15. It's not the sandy bits rather the muddy stoney stuff between the sailing club and St Brigits.

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